17 Ways to Shut down Catcallers That Every Cute Woman Needs to Know πŸ’ ...

Wait, wait, wait. So, let me correct that title a little before we get started, okay? I've compiled a list of ways to shut down cat callers that every woman needs to know – period. No qualifiers. Because, see, it's not just a problem that β€œcute” women face, so that's problematic – I'm sorry about that. Women get harassed on the street through no fault of their own – girls, too, young girls, teens, young women. It happens to all of us. All of us. And it's scary. Every time there's an article on this subject, you see a lot of comments about how we should learn to take a compliment, and we're over-exaggerating when we say it's scary or threatening, and we're outright lying when we try to talk about how often it happens. Catcalling isn't complimentary, though. That's not a compliment. There's also the fact that if we ignore catcallers, they continue to be abusive … and if we say something back, they continue to be abusive. So if you're a woman, you need these techniques to shut down catcallers – and it doesn't matter if you're cute or not.

1. Totally Gross Them out

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Oh, I am totally serious. Be disgusting. Pick your nose. Make allusions to the rash that just won't clear up. Talk about your yeast infection. Basically, respond to repugnant behavior with repugnant behavior.

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