Bad Habits 🚬 for Girls to Kick 👊🏼 to the Curb before Graduation 🎓 Day ...

If your college graduation is right around the corner, you might feel you're ready to take the real world by storm. Your plans might include getting a job, your own place and exerting a little independence. But even if you're mentally ready to begin your adult life, the transition from college to real world can be challenging. Some of your bad college habits might follow you into the workplace. However, if you can kick these habits now, you'll have a smoother adjustment period. Here are seven habits you need to kick before you graduate.

1. Partying Too Much

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As a college student, you might have a lot of energy and are able to party hard and attend class the next day. After college, however, you might discover that it's difficult to maintain the same routine and perform at work. Rather than wait until after graduation to curb your party ways, start now. This doesn't mean you can't go out and have a good time with your friends, just make sure you're being responsible.

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