A Girl's Guide to Meeting New People and Making New Friends ...

By Corina

A Girl's Guide to Meeting New People and Making New Friends ...

Meeting new people and building strong friendships can sometimes be intimidating, but it can be extremely rewarding too. When you are a kid, making new friends can be quite easy since there are a lot of extracurricular activities where you can meet other kids and form friendships. When you are an adult, commitments such as work or family limit your free time and this process isn’t quite so effortless. Friends have a huge impact on your happiness and quality of life since they provide comfort and joy, they help you relieve stress, they prevent isolation and loneliness and they even strengthen your health. Here are 7 very useful tips on how to meet new people and make new friends that you should consider:

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Focus on Others

One of the easiest ways to meet new people and build strong friendships is by paying attention to the people around you as well. Just show interest in their thoughts, feelings, opinions and stories. Keep in mind that by showing interest in others, you will manage to make more new friends than by trying to get people interested in you.


Pay Attention

This tip is closely related to the previous one. Just make an effort and learn how to truly listen to the people around you. This way, you will get to know them better, you will learn how they interact, how they think, how they feel about things and you’ll be able to connect with them way quicker.


Be Genuine

If you want to make new friends, then try to always be genuine in your interactions with others. If you just pretend that you care or that you listen, others will pick up on it and I doubt that they will want to be your friends.


Track down Old Friends via Social Media Sites

Try to reconnect with your old friends and track them down via social media sites. Then just make an effort and turn your online friends into real-world friends. Instead of chatting on Facebook, you could meet for coffee or lunch and you’ll be able to bond more quickly.


Carpool to Work

A lot of companies offer their employees carpool programs. This is a great conversation starter, a good opportunity to bond with your work colleagues and you will be able to save on transport costs. If your employer doesn’t offer you this facility, just ask your colleagues if they would like to share rides.

Famous Quotes

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

George Santayana

You Need to Be Consistent

If you want to form new friendships, then you need consistency in your behaviour. Join groups that meet on a regular basis like networking groups, different associations, book clubs or classes. Invite your new friends out for lunch, go to a movie together or just go for a walk with them.


Be Willing to Be Vulnerable

If you want to deepen your relationship or form new bonds then you need to be willing to be vulnerable and show people how you really are. Experts say that vulnerability is the key to emotional bonding and without it, relationships can be superficial or meaningless.

Making a friend is just the beginning of the journey into friendship because friendships take time to form and to grow stronger. Do you know any other ways to meet new people and make new friends? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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I might need some tips on how to make friends

Yes these tips help alot thank you so much!!!

Thank you, I really needed that kind of help. I just feel that I lost myself, before I could be myself and people would accept me and make friends but now it's like I freeze up. So thank you I'll try it out

I like the genuine part, :)

I agree with peony blue .. Join clubs and do loads of fun activities with new people or join a cause work like a charity. Whichever makes you happy!! :) :)

Great tips! This helps. Thank you.

Good points :)

*im in

Typo joining a yoga class heheheh

Yes definitely great points and joining clubs or doing an evening class makes you meet people esp if you actually want to. Or joking a yoga class hahah thought I would put that one in.