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7 Mistakes Every College Girl Needs to Make ...

By Kelly

College is a time to find yourself and experience all of the mistakes every college girl needs to make. You have four (or five) years to learn about yourself and grow as a person, and making mistakes is a huge part of that. By making these mistakes, you will learn from them and appreciate the good things that will come from them. So make your bucket list of mistakes every college girl needs to make and start learning from your mistakes.

1 Dating a Bad Boy

Of all of the mistakes every college girl needs to make, this one is probably the most common. Who can resist the charm of a boy who lives on the edge? We all know it won’t end up well, but we still fall for them anyway. If you are going to date a bad boy, you might as well do it in college where things are less serious. Date the bad boy and when things go south, like they always do, it will be in a college environment. You will have plenty of chances to find a rebound and you have your schoolwork and clubs to distract you when you inevitably break up.

2 Failing an Exam

As someone who has serious senioritis right now, failing an exam might just be the motivation you are in desperate need of. I know it sounds bad, but if you are just getting by in college without studying, getting a horrible grade on an exam might be a jumpstart to staying on top of your studying. It will be a wake up call that you need to be more organized in your studying and put more effort into your classes. This mistake is definitely a must if you are feeling a bit out of sync with your studying.


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3 Making the Wrong Group of Friends

When you first get to college, it can be overwhelming to not know anyone. That overwhelming feeling can lead you to become friends with the wrong group of people. The party girls, the stoners, and the slackers are not exactly the best people to surround yourself with. But by making these friends, you will learn to appreciate the right kinds of friends when they come along. When you find the friends who make you feel good about yourself and encourage you to be the best version of yourself, you value them so much more.

4 Pulling an All-Nighter

If you have ever pulled an all-nighter, you know how miserable it is. There are few things as unappealing as spending all night in a library, staring at a textbook, and fighting off the urge to pass out right there. Once you do pull an all-nighter, you will most likely never want to experience that again, and it will motivate you to stay on top of your schoolwork. If you plan ahead and complete your work on a schedule, you will never have to experience that all-nighter ever again.

5 Random Make Outs

We have all been there. In a frat party, dancing with a random boy, and we just decide to make out with him. It may seem like harmless fun while we are freshman, but we will grow to regret those random make outs as we get older. While we will most likely regret it, those nights of empty make outs will make finding the right guy that much more special. Those disgusting gross kisses will turn into kisses that electrify your body.

6 Freshman 15

I personally need all of the motivation to get to the gym as possible. I got that motivation after gaining the “Freshman 15.” I hated that I had let myself go so I started eating healthier and working out on a daily basis. Even after I lost all of the weight, keeping that healthy lifestyle became second nature to me. Had I not gained the extra weight, I might not have gotten the kick to start, and keep, the healthy lifestyle I have today.

7 Take on Too Much

It might seem super fun to join 12 clubs while working part time and having 3 majors, but you will spread yourself too thin. While you will have those few weeks of pure anxiety, it will help you realize how much you can take on. Taking on too much is one of the mistakes every college girl needs to make because it will help you gain time management skills and you will value your free time so much more.

It may sound strange to want to make mistakes, but how can you grow and learn if you never mess up a bit? College is the best time to make these mistakes because they won’t impact your life in the same way as if you made them later in life. What did you think of these mistakes every college girl needs to make? Are there any other mistakes you think a girl should make in college? Why do you think these mistakes should be made in college and not later in life?


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