6 Amazing Websites Every Girl Should Know about and Use ...


6 Amazing Websites Every Girl Should Know about and Use ...
6 Amazing Websites Every Girl Should Know about and Use ...

Facebook and Youtube tend to get boring, which is why I put together a list of websites every girl should know about! I am a big fan of websites on beauty, lifestyle, and other things us women love. There are a few sites that I use frequently that I must share. Continue reading for websites every girl should know about and use!

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Pinterest is definitely one of the greatest websites every girl should know about! This website enables you to create several different "pin" boards. This can include beauty, makeup, fashion, food, nails, recipes - anything! You can follow your friends and family or anyone else and pin different things to your boards. I use this website mainly for recipes. I find the greatest recipes from amazing deserts to healthy dinners for two!



Hautelook is another amazing website every girl should use. This site provides designer name clothing for both men and women on huge sales! It also has home products and furniture and beauty products and accessories. They had also recently added "Nordstrom Rack" to the menu, which is amazing! The order is made online but the great thing is you can return to the store!


HauteLook is a haven for fashion enthusiasts seeking high-end labels without the steep prices. Originally a members-only site, it now offers open access to its exclusive sales, with discounts often reaching up to 75%. Known for its limited-time sale events, HauteLook ensures that your wardrobe is always fresh with the latest trends. Plus, for those who love to shop for designer makeup and skincare, the beauty section boasts equally impressive bargains. The integration with Nordstrom Rack provides a broader selection, heightening the thrill of the hunt for that perfect addition to your collection. And the no-hassle in-store return policy adds a layer of convenience to the online shopping experience.



Groupon is one of my favorite websites to use! This is another site that provides sales for great finds and goodies. Another amazing thing is that they also have great destinations and hotels on discount, as well. They also started including coupons and discounts for restaurant reservations. My favorite, however, has to be the numerous glorious spa and massage coupons!



Refinery29 is another super cool website for girls. It includes the latest news on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and other good stories. I like to follow them on Facebook for the latest articles and always find myself clicking them! The articles are super fun and easy to read. I definitely recommend this website for every girl to use.



Cosmopolitan is such a must for every girl to use. This website has everything from relationships to celebs, beauty, and health. This is one of the sites that are not afraid to tackle the most intimate subjects! This is a great website for advice on relationships and love. I always find something interesting when I browse through it.


All Women Stalk

Of course, last but not least is All Women Stalk! This has been my favorite website for the longest time. I had always been a fan of All Women Stalk. The articles range across every subject you could think of. You can’t help but get addicted to this website. Every article is so informative and the layout is so easy to follow!

That just about sums it up for my list of websites every girl should know about and use! I love these websites and use them regularly. What are some websites that you recommend for every girl to use?

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I think to all the sites that are listed are good. I pretty much use all the sites and I only use Facebook updating status or wishing people happy holidays and thanking for wish me a birthday. I think I would tell all my friends about this app. In fact I love the website too.

first, I thot the website was all women's talk lol. and since I download allwomenstalk on my fone, I tell all my friends that they need to download it too. love it

AWS is agreeably awesome!!!!!

I love how they add their website on

Since all women stalk and Pinterest are in the list the others are must to me


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