7 Common Things Women Worry about ...


There are countless things women worry about, no matter how perfect their lives are. It’s impossible to make it through a tough day without stressing about the future. Even if it feels like everyone around you has their lives together, remember that you’re not alone in your thoughts. Here are some common things women worry about:

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Will I End up Alone?

Whether or not you’re currently ready for a relationship, no one wants to end up alone. Whenever we suffer through a breakup or have a fight with a friend, we wonder if anyone will stick around for the long run. One of the things women worry about is if we’ll go through life alone. Of course, it’s a senseless worry, because we all have plenty of friends and family members that would do anything for us.


Do I Look Good?

We’re always wondering whether or not we look fabulous. Should we change our hair color? Should we purchase an entirely new wardrobe? We always want to appear our best, so it’s not surprising that our looks are always on our mind. When our hair is out of place, we feel like our lives are out of place.


Will I Succeed?

Whatever your goal in life is, it’s important that you try your best to complete it. If you’re trying to land your dream job, you’re always going to be wondering how close you are to getting it. Success is difficult to achieve, which means you have to work hard to see results. Every woman worries that she’ll fail when it comes to her lifelong goal. However, she has to push past that doubt in order to succeed.


Does He like Me?

There’s always going to be a guy that occupies your mind. You’ll either wonder whether he likes you, or if you’re already together, you’ll wonder if he’s happy. It’s natural for relationships to cause our nerves to go crazy. If you’re not worried about the relationship at all, then something’s off.


Can I Afford It?

You have to watch your spending if you want to pay your rent on time every month. Whether you want to buy luxury items like a new pair of heels or you just need some necessities, you have to be careful with how much you spend. Every woman, and man for that matter, worries about the funds in their bank account. We can act like money isn’t important, but it’s necessary to survive.


How Much Longer?

If you're not happy in your current situation, you'll wonder how much longer you'll have to live 'like this.' However, your situation won't change unless you help it. You can't do the same thing day after day and expect different results. You have to try your best to make your life one that's worth living.


Am I Healthy Enough?

If you eat fast food every single day, you should invest in a cookbook and a few ingredients. You don't have to consume only vegetables and constantly work out, but you should put in a bit of effort. You want your heart and body to be healthy, don't you? As long as you try, you can't put yourself down.

Try to find comfort in the fact that everyone shares your worries. No one has their life completely figured out. We’re all taking it day by day, and hoping for the best. What do you find yourself worrying about the most?

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I worry about every single thing that's listed. These worries occupy my mind...it certainly drives me crazy. Lol!

Anyone else have all these in the span of 5 minutes lol

I worry about most them things

I worry about my future all the time :S



Everything on the list is so on point. I think mostly because I'm in a situation where I like to compare myself with people around me. It's mind boggling :/.

Great article with concerns that does linger and concerns that we hear more often from female friends. Thank you, Holly for presenting this article so well.

It's true

Wow I am a worried a lot lol

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