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When using social media there are some special social media tips we need to take note of. I’ve made social media mistakes, as I’m sure you have. It’s part of life, and yes, though the Internet is a permanent deal, luckily, someone else will most likely top your snafu in the next couple of days. However, that doesn’t make it unimportant to be sure you use caution when using social media, even when it doesn’t seem like a big deal. To be responsible, be sure you keep some of these social media tips in mind. They can keep you from hurting others, embarrassing yourself, losing your job, hurting your brand or business, ruining friendships and even relationships. Don’t get in a panic now, just keep these tips in mind and you’ll be just fine to use Facebook with no worries!

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Don’t Advertise Your Issues

One of the biggest social media tips is not to advertise your issues to other people. Perhaps you’re going through a life crisis and also have a business you promote online. Whatever you do, do not post your problem through social media. It hurts your brand or business, even if it’s not related to the username you use. People don’t want to read about other people’s drama on social media. They may find it entertaining, but won’t find it attractive. If you’re not the owner of a brand or business, consider opting out of posting your issues online anyway. People are seen as high drama people when they do this, and it’s just not an attractive quality either way.


Don’t Gloat

Another tip to avoid is constant gloating. People see this as arrogant, and can often be offended by you constantly doing so. Remember, social media is about connecting with people, and those people who are always gloating aren’t usually people any of us want to associate with on a regular basis.


Use It More

The more you use social media, the better you'll become at using it smartly. You'll also learn the best times to post things you need quick attention to, along with how to utilize each social media source and site you use. If you're new to using it for a business purpose, don't be overwhelmed. Just start using it more, and trust me, before long, you'll be a pro!


Relationship Problems

Aside from personal issues, relationship stuff is a whole other issue. People who advertise their relationship problems or complaints are seen as immature. No matter how upset you are in the heat of the moment, don’t post your relationship problems online.



As a woman in today’s society, it’s important not to criticize other people online. It makes you seem lacking in class, unsophisticated and it’s not attractive to men, possible employers, or customers, acquaintances, etc. Don’t advertise criticism you might have for someone or something online. There’s nothing to gain from it, and social media shouldn’t be used as something to express your anger for.


Use It to Promote Good

One tip for what you should do on social media, is to promote good things. This includes charitable outreach suggestions, tips for others, encouraging others, posting positive quotes, or using it in a harmless way to promote your business or brand. Social media is one of the best, and definitely the fastest, way to spread the message about something positive. You’ll get help faster, quicker, and more attention this way, and people will look at you in a better light for posting something that promotes good, than for something negative.


Post Tips and Tricks

Another piece of advice for women on social media, is to post tips and tricks for people. Whether about saving money, helpful websites, or about lifestyle tips in general, people love reading this online. Plus, it will make your social media name more well known, and better yet, well known for something helpful. All that stuff on Pinterest that really works that you’d love to share? Yes, that’s great stuff! Post it, share it and help others embrace your tips and tricks.


Learn More

Women should know more about social media, and how to use it for their benefit. It isn’t just about socializing, but also about utilizing one of the best communication tools we now have access to. Take classes online about social media, read blogs, forums, or search websites like this one for tips. The more you learn about social media, the more you can benefit from it.


Look for Growth

You should also be using social media to look for growth, whether through work opportunities, community activities, or activities you might like to enjoy. You could also use it to look for savings, lifestyle tips and more. I’ve found so many helpful resources online through social media that I wouldn’t have found elsewhere. This makes it a truly valuable asset that everyone should use more often.

Social media can be a great thing and a terrible thing. It’s all in how you use it, just like anything else. Remember, the web is completely public, and anything you post is not just yours anymore. Use it smartly and responsibly. Do you have a tip for using social media I should know about?

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Constant gloating is annoying *unfollows* #notevenhating lol

i will say one thing about posting personal issues...if you're in a private group with like-minded people, I don't think this is as much of a problem as it would be otherwise. I'm part of a bipolar support group that is visible only to members. We'll post all kinds of personal stuff, but we all kind of "know" each other from another site and, well, all have bipolar. There's more of an understanding and support tone. I *definitely* would not post some of my issues on the public pages, though.

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