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44 Quote Tattoos That Will Totally Change Your Life ...

By Olga

1 "Even the Moon, Master of the Sea, Illuminator of the Night, Has Her Craters."

face,black,white,black and white,nose, @littletattooideas

2 "Live the Life You Love."

plant,food,produce,land plant,pattern, @atropicalsoul

3 "Try."

tattoo,close up,skin,arm,leg, @anzotattoo

4 "a Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever."

hair,face,nose,black hair,beauty,

5 "Be Here Now."


6 "She Flies with Her Own Wings."

face,nose,eyebrow,cheek,tattoo, @littletattooideas

7 "She Believed She Could, so She Did."

face,thigh,leg,arm,skin, @littletattooideas

8 "This above All: to Thine Own Self Be True."

tattoo,arm,font,human body,chest, @recordedbooks

9 "I Will Break, but I Will Not Fold."

blue,arm,leg,organ,hand, @_cutegirlytattoos

The tattoo says "Frangar, non Flectar," which translates to "I will break, but I will not fold."

10 "and in That Moment, I Swear, We Were Infinite."

face,beauty,skin,arm,petal, @_cutegirlytattoos

11 "Take These Broken Wings and Learn to Fly."

blue,tattoo,arm,skin,thigh, @elisabiagomes

12 "and the Chaos within Me Found Balance."

tattoo,skin,arm,finger,hand, @ainsleyalice

13 "but without the Dark, We'd Never See the Stars."

tattoo,finger,arm,skin,close up, @_cutegirlytattoos

14 "Fall down Seven Times, Stand up Eight."

clothing,active undergarment,thigh,undergarment,arm, @littletattooideas

15 "Never a Failure Always a Lesson."

face,eyebrow,nose,eyelash,skin, @jamiemcclure

16 "Don't Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream."

face,nose,finger,lip,skin, @girlslovetattoos

17 "Smile."

cameras & optics,camera,camera lens,digital camera,arm, @littletattooideas

18 "Don't Lose Yourself in Your Fear."

nose,arm,skin,leg,thigh, @searwen

19 "Fearless."

hair,color,face,pink,eyebrow, @_cutegirlytattoos

20 "Follow Your Heart."

Eco Touch,eyebrow,handwriting,tattoo,arm, @_cutegirlytattoos

21 "I Have Loved the Stars Too Fondly to Be Fearful of the Night."

tattoo,handwriting,arm,organ,writing, @craziness_overload

22 "History Will Be Kind to Me for I Intend to Write It."

finger,skin,arm,hand,leg, @littletattooideas

23 "No Matter Who You Are, Always Be the Good One."

clothing,leg,arm,skin,finger, @angelicahellman

24 "Imagine."

face,white,black and white,nose,arm, @littletattooideas

25 "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish."

tattoo,arm,leg,thigh,fashion accessory, @fintattoos

26 "Let It Be."

white,black and white,monochrome photography,drawing,monochrome, @littletattooideas

27 "Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost."

clothing,pink,underpants,thigh,arm, @littletattooideas

28 "Enjoy the Little Things."

finger,arm,skin,hand,organ, @sarilixx

29 "La Vie Est Belle."

arm,pattern,finger,thigh,leg, The quote translates to "life is beautiful."

30 "to Live is the Rarest Thing."

clothing,active undergarment,undergarment,close up,skin, @littletattooideas

31 "the Sky is Not the Limit. Your Imagination is."

eyebrow,hair,face,nose,beauty, @tiny_tasteful_tattoos

32 "Love Yourself."

white,black,black and white,tattoo,arm, @jbuck707

33 "Follow the Yellow Brick Road."

face,eyebrow,brassiere,nose,skin, @littletattooideas

34 "Miles to Go . . . "

white,clothing,arm,t shirt,outerwear, @inkkked_

. . . Before you sleep.

35 "One Day at a Time."

hair,color,face,nose,hairstyle, @_cutegirlytattoos

36 "the Only Way out is through."

black and white,tattoo,leg,arm,monochrome photography, @littletattooideas

37 "Somewhere over the Rainbow . . ."

leg,footwear,grass,arm,skin, . . . Skies are blue.

38 "Stay Strong and Remember Who You Are."

eyebrow,face,cheek,nose,photography, @sofiasakkinen

39 "to Live Would Be an Awfully Big Adventure."

arm,weapon,firearm,hand,live, @brit.ds

40 "Take Me Far."

arm,tattoo,active undergarment,hand,thigh, @_cutegirlytattoos

41 "Stay Strong."

pink,arm,petal,pattern,textile, @_cutegirlytattoos

42 "Awake My Soul."

white,arm,textile,human body,pattern, @debbiegrant96

43 "like the Wind, I Am Free."

finger,arm,leg,hand,nail, @littletattooideas

44 "Warrior."

tattoo,close up,skin,finger,arm, @heytattos

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