7 Things to Consider before Getting a Tattoo ...

By Eliza

7 Things to Consider before Getting a Tattoo ...

I’ll admit I didn’t put much thought into things before getting a tattoo. I don’t hate my tattoos, but I look back and am amazed that my parents let me go through with it on my eighteenth birthday. If you’re considering getting inked, there are some things you might want to think about before you head to the tattoo parlor. You can have a tattoo removed these days, but the process is painful and isn’t guaranteed. So if you’re on the fence, give it some time. You want a tattoo you love, not one you regret. Here are the top things to take into account before getting a tattoo.

Table of contents:

  1. reasoning
  2. placement
  3. cost
  4. qualifications
  5. health
  6. design
  7. healing process

1 Reasoning

Reasoning One of the most important things to consider before getting a tattoo is why you want one. Are you expressing a love interest, commemorating a loved one or just in love with a dragon drawing you came across? If you plan to tattoo a person’s name on your skin, think twice. You may seriously regret that decision down the road. Is your decision well thought out or a spur of the moment one? Sit down and contemplate the reasons why you’re considering a tattoo. Giving it some thought may help you decide it’s not right for you. On the other hand, it may just make it more obvious that you really do want some ink.

2 Placement

Placement As my grandma says, a tattoo will get wrinkly and saggy when you get older, so think about where you plan to put it. Chances are, when you get older you’ll be naturally covering more of your body, so the right placement means you can enjoy a tattoo regardless of how it might look as you age. You also want to think about your career. Some employers won’t appreciate the artistic qualities of your neck tattoo, so you should definitely consider how the tattoo might interfere with job opportunities.

3 Cost

Cost Tattoos aren’t cheap and you probably don’t want to risk eviction to get inked. Consider how much you can afford to spend and then shop around to find a tattoo artist willing to work with you on your budget and the tattoo you want. If you can’t afford a tattoo, take a few months to save up. You’ll be a lot happier with it if you don’t have to mortgage your home or sell your car to get it.

4 Qualifications

Qualifications Have you ever seen the reality show that centers around really bad tattoos? Just because a tattoo artists claims to be experienced doesn’t mean he is. Ask to see photographs of his work so you know you aren’t in for a tattoo you’ll spend the rest of your life covering up. Word of mouth from friends is another great way to find a qualified tattoo artist. If you have doubts, do not sit down in that chair. Go somewhere else.

5 Health

Health Tattoos don’t come without risks. Because the process involves puncturing your skin repeatedly with a needle, there are certain health issues to think about. Make sure the tattoo parlor has a rigorous sanitation system and that you see the artist open a brand new needle before getting started. Any blood-borne disease can pass through used needles. That includes hepatitis and AIDS so it pays to pay attention. Some people are allergic to the tattoo ink so you might want to ask for a quick patch test before getting the entire tattoo done.

6 Design

Design True, you could just head to a tattoo parlor and look at what they have hanging on the walls. But you’ll probably be happier with a tattoo that means something to you. For example, I helped design my first tattoo and love it to this day – nearly 20 years after having it done. If you plan to get a tattoo just to get one, think twice. Give your options some serious thought so you end up with a tattoo you absolutely love.

7 Healing Process

Healing Process Tattoos are an injury, even if they are a beautiful one. That means you’re going to need to give the area time to heal. Most of the time that includes keeping the area moist to prevent scabbing and keeping the tattoo covered for a few days. Follow the care directions very closely so your tattoo heals properly.

Do you have tattoos? What made you decide to get inked? I hope this list helps you decide whether a tattoo is right for you.

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