How to Enjoy the Nice Weather when You're Stuck inside ...

Whether it's a beautiful spring, summer or fall day, you might hate the fact that you're stuck inside. You can probably think of a ton of fun activities to do outdoors. The more time you spend inside, the more frustrating it becomes. Whether you're at home, work or school, there are ways to enjoy the nice weather.

1. Open a Window

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If the weather’s nice outside and you can't get out to enjoy it, open a window or a sliding door and let fresh air inside. The airflow will make it feel as if you're outside with the birds, and as the sounds of outdoor feels your space, you might feel more relaxed, which can increase productivity and help you feel as if you're taking advantage of the nice weather.

2. Brighten Your Desk

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If you work full-time, you might spend the greater portion of your days tied to a desk or cubicle. And unfortunately, you can’t enjoy the outdoors when you're slaving for your boss. You can, however, bring the outdoors inside. Remove some of the clutter from your desk and bring in fresh flowers to put you in a spring or summer mood. You can also add life to your office with a small fish tank, if allowed by your employer. If your office has a window, crack it a bit and let fresh air inside.

3. Have a Lunch Barbecue with Coworkers

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Rather than bring a cold sandwich for lunch or spend money at a local restaurant, get with your coworkers and plan a barbecue lunch on a Friday afternoon. Maybe a coworker can bring his hibachi and you can grill in the parking lot, or persuade your boss to let the office take a longer lunch and head over to a local park for hotdogs, hamburgers and any other food suitable for a barbecue.

4. Ask about a Summer/spring-friendly Schedule

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Depending on your job, your boss might allow a flexible work schedule, which lets you work a few days in the office and a few days at home. If the summer or spring months are approaching, propose telecommuting. As long as you get your work done in a timely manner, your boss might be open to the idea. You can start your workday early and then spend your afternoons enjoying the outdoors.

5. Bring Popsicles to Work

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You can bring the outdoors inside by treating your workers to tasty Popsicles after lunch or as a mid-afternoon snack. Or after spending 10 or 15 minutes eating your lunches in the office, the entire crew can pile in the car and take a short ice cream break before getting back to work.

6. Take Your Work Outdoors

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Whether you're a student or a work-from-home employee, don’t sit in the house and stare at the walls. Pack up your laptop and head to a public area with Wi-Fi. A local restaurant or coffeehouse might have an outdoor sitting area the few distractions, allowing you to work or study while enjoying the outdoors.

7. Have an Outdoor Meeting

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If your office has an upcoming meeting, talk to your boss about having an outdoor meeting. Take the meeting to the park, or have a walking meeting where everyone walks around the block and discusses their ideas.

It might be hard to enjoy the outdoors in the middle of summer or the dead of winter due to the intense heat or cold, so it's important to take advantage of nice weather whenever you can.

What are other tips for enjoying nice weather when you're stuck inside?

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