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You Need to Give These Cold Weather Hobbies a Chance ...

By Eliza

It might be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have some fun. Even if you’re stuck in the house because it’s frigid outside, there are lots of hobbies you can enjoy inside. So, now that fall is here and winter is closing in fast, it’s time to learn a new hobby so you don’t spend the next several months bored out of your mind. Here are some cold weather hobbies you’ll love.

Table of contents:

  1. Knitting
  2. Cross stitch
  3. Reading
  4. Painting
  5. Coloring
  6. Drawing
  7. Make a quilt
  8. Pottery
  9. Learn to cook
  10. Woodworking
  11. Make a scrapbook
  12. Put together some puzzles
  13. Get moving
  14. Learn to love music
  15. Take up an instrument
  16. Learn a language
  17. Indoor gardening

1 Knitting

You can knit on the couch while you watch television or while you wait for the kids in the pick-up lane. It’s great for cold nights. Crochet is just as great if you don’t like knitting.

2 Cross Stitch

If you prefer needle and thread over yarn, try your hand at counted cross stitch. It’s so satisfying to see an image form as you go.

3 Reading

Chances are there’s a stack of novels you’d love if you just sat down with them. Make this cold season the time when you finally start getting into books.

4 Painting

Painting, whether it’s on canvas or paper, is especially enjoyable. And when you’re done, you’ll have something fab to hang in your living room.

5 Coloring

There’s research backing the therapeutic benefits of coloring so grab yourself a grown-up coloring book and some colored pencils and this fall will be the best one yet.

6 Drawing

Drawing is really fun and since art is subjective, you can feel good about any of your skills. Draw something for everyone you know and love.

7 Make a Quilt

Simple block quilting is pretty easy to do and when you’re done, you’ll have a beautiful blanket to keep you warm until spring comes again.

8 Pottery

Making pottery is soothing and you can do it right at home. Shape vases, mugs and bowls and then paint them when they’ve hardened.

9 Learn to Cook

It might be too cold to venture out and try a new restaurant, but preparing your own gourmet meal at home is the perfect answer.

10 Woodworking

Whether you build a birdhouse for your backyard or your use a Dremel to carve some wood, you’ll love the smell and feel of the wood in your hands.

11 Make a Scrapbook

Do you have tons of photos lying around in boxes? Sort through them and put together a scrapbook so you can look back through them anytime you want to.

12 Put Together Some Puzzles

Puzzles are perfect for helping your brain in shape and it’s really cool to see one finished. Grab yourself a pile of puzzle to get you through the long fall and winter.

13 Get Moving

Being stuck in the house is no reason to skip your workout. Use the cold months to take up kettlebells or Zumba right in your living room.

14 Learn to Love Music

Start listening to new kinds of music or put together playlists to keep you entertained during the cold season. You could even learn to write music if you wanted to.

15 Take up an Instrument

Always wanted to play the piano or the guitar? Use the winter to teach yourself so that you have something to do when it’s too cold to go out.

16 Learn a Language

Stuck inside? Use Rosetta Stone or YouTube to learn a new language. It’s a highly marketable skill and you’ll be able to communicate in a foreign country.

17 Indoor Gardening

It doesn’t have to be summer to nurture a green thumb. Plant an herb garden for your windowsill or get yourself a few houseplants to care for.

What’s your cold weather hobby? Do you want to try any of these ideas?

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