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Sometimes even when you have a group of friends ready to get together, it’s hard to figure out exciting and fun things to do on your free weekend. After all, by now you've probably done everything and anything there is to do, so things are getting a little redundant. Trust me, I know how it feels, but this is no reason to stay inside watching Netflix! Even if you are the adventurous kind, you probably still have new places to visit and new things to do on your free weekend!

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Outdoor Movies

Outdoor Movies Let’s skip out on the typical movie theater plans and spice up your viewing experience by going to outdoor movies instead. With the summer season fully in session, you must have outdoor movie events hosted around you. If you live in New York City, there are actually plenty of outdoor movie screenings all summer long and believe me, the experience is one of a kind! Lying down by the water and under the stars to enjoy a movie with a group of friends should definitely be on your list of things to do on your free weekend.



Karaoke Karaoke never disappoints, especially with a big group of friends or family. It’s super fun to belt out a great song and attempt to hit a few notes even if you happen to be musically tone-deaf. Plus renting a karaoke lounge for an hour to two is very affordable, so it’s not something luxurious you have to save up for!



Biking Weekends are perfect for getting physical and trying to fit exercise into your already busy schedule. You can wake up bright and early, grab a few family members or friends and hit up the nearest park for a few laps around. You can even finish off your exercise-packed morning with a nutritious picnic in the sun.


Explore the Nightlife

Explore the Nightlife This is your time to leave all of your work responsibilities behind and take some time for yourself. And if a girls' night out is long overdue, you should definitely explore the nightlife in your area, maybe grab a few drinks and let loose on the dance floor. Everyone needs a little night out once in a while!



Camping If you are the outdoorsy type of girl, taking a road trip and going camping will definitely be something memorable for you. You might have to put a little extra work into planning and figuring out all of the details, but in the end it should be worthwhile! Just remember to dedicate the weekend to the outdoors and minimize the use of any electronics! It might be hard, but I have faith in you!


Stand up Comedy

Stand up Comedy With the Internet so readily available to us, we are able to consume hundreds of jokes in a snap, but when was the last time you enjoyed real-life comedy? If you are anything like me, it has probably been a while, so you might as well take the free time you have and visit the nearest club or theater to enjoy some traditional stand up comedy! Some of the well-known comedies that have taken over Hollywood started out as small town stand up comedians, so you never know, you might be pleasantly surprise by the quality of the entertainment you’ll receive!


Visit a New Restaurant

Visit a New Restaurant Many people play it safe when it comes to going out to eat. They visit the same places and order the same dish over and over again. And there is nothing wrong with that, however being adventurous with your dinner choices once in a while is fun! So this weekend, go to a new restaurant or maybe even a themed one, where the waiters sings as they serve or where they are intentionally rude to you, and give your taste buds a little bit of a shock!

With Friday night creeping up on you, it’s time for you to make some fun and exciting plans. Go canoeing, see a performance or have a laid-back picnic - whatever it is, try to live it up! What are your plans for the upcoming weekend?

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Can somebody please tell me where the restaurant in the picture is located??

It's in Italy,near Bari.It's in hotel Grotta Palazezese

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