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There's nothing that makes a get-together or party super-cool and memorable than some great themes for a party. There are so many possibilities to choose from when it comes to party themes, it’s all just a matter of choosing one that suits your tastes - go wild! You can interpret these themes however you want. These are my top 7 themes for a party!

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Underwater I think this is such a great idea and the perfect way to kick off this list of themes for a party! Cover all of the lights with blue cellophane, creating a really dim, blue tinge to the room, then hang pictures of jellyfish, sharks, scuba divers and anything else you can think of from the ceiling. You could even go one step further and play all ocean and water-themed music!



Blackout Take the bulbs out of all of the lights around your house, and instruct your guests to bring a torch. Light some candles to set the mood, and spend the evening watching scary movies and telling spooky stories and scaring each other silly! This would be an excellent idea for a Halloween party!


Recession Dressin’

Recession Dressin’ Set a price limit - $10 or $15 is usually pretty good - and instruct your guests to go shopping for a complete outfit for just that much money. When they arrive to your party, they must have their receipt somewhere on them to prove that they haven’t cheated! This is a sure-fire way to get all kinds of weird and wonderful outfits attending!


Master Chef

Master Chef If you and your friends like cooking, how about having a Master Chef themed party? Set yourselves a challenge, anything from whipping up a batch of cookies to cooking a three-course meal, then once you’ve finished cooking up a storm, you can really enjoy the final product! Yum! Just make sure you're aware of any food allergies first!


The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby Who doesn’t love an excuse to get totally glammed up!? Dress as though you’re from the 1920s in high heels, feather boas, and flapper dresses and dance the night away to some great jazz music. You could eat fancy finger food and drink your drinks from posh martini glasses. Ooh la la!


Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party Have a ball whipping up all sorts of exotic and delicious mocktails (or cocktails, if you’re allowed!) for you and your friends. You can all try your hand at being ‘bartender,’ each creating your own signature drink. Make sure you have all sorts of cordials, juices and fruits on hand to make some really groovy combinations.


The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race This is one party theme that requires a bit of planning, but would most definitely be worth the effort! In the days leading up to your party, create clues, maps and games in preparation, recreating the exciting travel show, The Amazing Race! Have teams of two and race to see who can solve the final clue first.

Themes are such a great way to get everyone involved and is also an excellent way to break the ice if you have people at your party who don’t know each other all that well. Go wild - it’s your party make it an amazing one! Will you be trying out any of these themes? Which one/ones?

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