9 Best Party Infographics for the Best Party Ever ...


If you're hosting a party then you will love these party infographics. There are many things to remember when you're planning a party. From the food, to the drinks, to the playlist and these are some great party infographics that will help you plan a party people are sure to remember for months to come.

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Wine and Cheese

Wine and Cheese If you're having a sophisticated party involving wine and cheese then this infographic on the best ways in which to pair the two is sure to help. Wine and cheese are two of my favorite things and learning how to complement one with the other will ensure a perfect party. This is one of the great party infographics to get your sophisticated party off to a great start.


Perfect Planning

Perfect Planning If you need some help on planning your perfect party then this infographic will ensure that you wont miss anything. There is a lot to remember when you're planning a party and no one wants to leave anything out and start panicking at the last minute because they have forgotten that essential thing. Save the embarrassment by checking through this fabulous infographic.


Delicious Desserts

Delicious Desserts If you need some help with a delicious dessert for your party then this is another great infographic and it is sure to have you salivating while you prepare for the festivities. Did you know that Prosecco and Raspberry Tart are a match made in dessert heaven? Or that Chardonnay and peaches and cream go together like, well, peaches and cream? If you're having a dinner with all the trimmings, you will probably have a choice of desserts and this infographic will help you choose the best tipple to go with them.


Drinking Games

Drinking Games Drinking games don't need much planning and they often happen organically, after a little drinking that is. I'm sure you already know many drinking games. From beer pong to flip cup, this infographic will give you some great ideas for your next party. Drinking games can be dangerous though and this infographic has some good tips for when and if things get a little out of control or someone becomes ill in the process. Drink responsibly guys!


Perfect Shots

Perfect Shots If you're a fan of shots then this infographic on shots is perfect for you. I always think shots are a little dangerous and I do prefer to savor my drinks rather than downing them in one go but some people love them.. Some of the names might be a little offensive but maybe you can come up with your own. My favorite is the Oatmeal Cookie, purely because the name sounds a little more virtuous and innocuous than many of the others. Which are your favorite shots?


Best Party Ever!

Best Party Ever! If you want to plan the best party ever then this is another great infographic that will ensure you can cover all bases. From the budget to the theme and decorations, this infographic check-list will ensure you don't miss a thing.


Crazy Cocktails

Crazy Cocktails A party isn't complete without cocktails and this infographic will help you make the perfect cocktails for your party. Don't just leave it to chance by throwing a few beverages into a bowl and hoping for the best although admittedly, sometimes you can make some great drinks using that method!


Let's Dance

Let's Dance After a few drinks, everyone is going to want to get their groove on and this infographic is sure to help. Ok, so the moves might be a little dated but why not have some fun and mix it up. Start with the itch, followed by some truckin' and a spot of shim shamming. And you can all have giggle when you ask if your date fancies doing the shag!


Day after the Night before

Day after the Night before Technically, this isn't about the party itself but it is about the day after the night before. We all need a little help the next day and this infographic will ensure damage limitation.

These are some of the best infographics to ensure you can plan and enjoy the best party ever. Which is your favorite?

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