10 Awesome Halloween Party Ideas ...


10 Awesome Halloween Party Ideas ...
10 Awesome Halloween Party Ideas ...

Halloween Party Ideas may involve new, creative ideas every year. As a child, I remember dressing up at Halloween and loving every minute of it. It felt incredible to be someone or something else, even if it were for just one night. Halloween party ideas include more than costumes, though. You need food, treats, decorations, games, and food ideas. Here are some pretty awesome Halloween party ideas to kick off the spookiest season of the year!

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Fall Festival

Fall Festival Many people do not celebrate Halloween and hosting a fall festival is the perfect replacement. Decorate with fall symbols such as pumpkins, scarecrows and apples. Set the party up like a carnival: dunk for apples, have a ring toss, throw darts at balloons, and other fun carnival games. Don’t for get to serve caramel apples and cotton candy.


Creepy Lunches for Halloween Party Ideas

Creepy Lunches for Halloween Party Ideas Maybe it will be too gross looking to eat, but kids will get a huge kick out of this creepy lunch. The salad is shredded lettuce, a hard-boiled egg, and black olives. (I’m substituting carrot shreds) Swiss cheese or Provolone cheese makes the ghost shapes, and the fingers are little smokies with red pepper fingernails and BBQ sauce.


Cupcakes Galore

Cupcakes Galore Halloween is the perfect holiday for making cupcakes. Stock up on supplies and let the kids help out with the decorating. You can make pumpkins, ghosts, and cute monsters, what ever you want. Or you can simply decorate in Halloween colors such as black, brown, orange, and yellow.


Halloween Party Ideas with Banners

Halloween Party Ideas with Banners If you do not want to go all out on decorations, hang a simple banner. These are very inexpensive and very easy to hang. They are perfect for hanging over doorways and across the tops of windows. The front porch is also decorative looking with a banner.


Easy Party Favors

Easy Party Favors These cuties are easy to make with little matchboxes. They make adorable favors! Use orange construction paper, googlie eyes and thin, black ribbon. Fill with candy instead of beads, or let the kids use it to carry their lunch money to school.


Cookies Are Fabulous Halloween Party Ideas

Cookies Are Fabulous Halloween Party Ideas Besides cupcakes, cookies are fun to make and decorate for the holiday. These little pumpkins are so cute and they are fairly easy to decorate. If you are hosting a party, or your children need cookies for a school party, these little fellows will make a smashing hit!


Fancy Fingernails

Fancy Fingernails Your friends will want you to paint their nails, too! Fingernail decorations have become popular and Halloween is a great time to show off a little creativity. If painting every nail is not your forte, paint just one nail, like your pinkie nail. Or you may want to paint toenails, especially if you live where it is still warm enough to wear open toe shoes.


Halloween Party Ideas for Lights

Halloween Party Ideas for Lights A wonderful way to set up the ambiance of Halloween is wit lights. Pumpkin lights can be set in the window for a really cute display. Night-lights can sparkle in the bathroom and down the hallway for an extra special feeling of fun. A “spooktacular” way to create some smiles.


Costumes Make Halloween

Costumes Make Halloween There are two things you think of when the topic of Halloween is brought up: Costumes and Candy! Dressing up was my favorite part of this holiday. My costumes were always based on my favorite story, cartoon character or hero. Seriously. Who doesn’t want to be Batman or Superman, even for one night?


Trick or Treat Halloween Party Ideas

Trick or Treat Halloween Party Ideas Maybe the first thing a kid wants when you start looking for Halloween costumes is the container to gather all the booty. A new trick or treat basket is just as important as the costume. Does it have to match the costume? Not really. The most important thing is getting the candy home to admire, then eat, all them sweets!


The Candy

The Candy Oh, yeah! The happiest moment of the year. Well, after Christmas and birthdays, counting the Candy booty after Trick or Treating can’t be beat! What did you get?

Halloween party ideas are easy to come up, but coming up with new and exciting ideas may not be as easy. I hope this article of Halloween party ideas as inspired some excitement and creativity for you. What are your favorite Halloween party ideas?

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