8 Ideas on How to Celebrate Halloween ...


8 Ideas on How to Celebrate Halloween ...
8 Ideas on How to Celebrate Halloween ...

How to Celebrate Halloween in your own and unique way is special. I love Halloween, it is my favorite time of year, my favorite holiday and I can't wait for it to be here! Some of the tips and tricks that I learned on how to celebrate Halloween actually come from Salem – the town to be in when Halloween rolls around! Below, I'm going to detail out exactly how to celebrate Halloween the Salem way!

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Create a Haunted House

Do you love Halloween too? Why not choose to celebrate Halloween by transforming your house into a haunted house? Make things jump out, bring in a coffin and dress up scary. Trust me, it'll be a huge hit for the kids and you will have a blast doing it!


Tell Ghost Stories

Not only do I love Halloween, but I love ghost stories! They go hand-in-hand right? There are tons of different ways on how to celebrate Halloween but I swear that ghost stories are the best way to do it!


Dress up

I love, love, love costumes and dressing up. I been everything from a gothic angel all the way a bumblebee and I loved every minute of it! So drag out your costumes from the attic, basement or wherever else you might have them hiding and dress up this year. It'll be worth it!


Watch Your Favorite Scary Movie

What are some of your favorite scary movies? I love all of the Saw movies and the classic Scream movies. When Halloween rolls around, all I do is turn the lights off, pop in one of those movies and I am all set for Halloween!


Carve/Painting Pumpkins

This is a super traditional way to how to celebrate Halloween and it's fun for the whole family! You can actually either carve or paint your pumpkin – I like to carve. What do you think is best? Do you guys carve or paint?


Plan a Halloween Party

While I have only planned one Halloween party, it was a great way that I used on how to celebrate Halloween! I had friends over, had scary music, dressed up and turned my entire house into a haunted house. Planning a Halloween-themed party is super fun and a great way to get all your friends over for a little scary fun!


Go to a Haunted House

If you can't make your house into a haunted house, why not take all of your friends to a haunted house? I can't go to these, I freak out and run away when something scares me – however, it is still fun to go. In Salem, there are a ton of these and the scary part is that they truly are haunted – because they are so filled with witch history. Creepy right?


Bake a Halloween-Themed Cake

When Halloween rolls around, my baking gloves come on and I constantly bring in all kinds of Halloween-themed treats for my co-workers. Cupcakes, cakes, breads – everything! This is definitely one of the best ways on how to celebrate Halloween easily.

Even if you aren't the Halloween type, there are many ways on how to celebrate Halloween. Whether you are throwing a party, dressing up or just passing out candy, Halloween it supposed to be scary and fun – so this year make it that way! What do you think ladies, what are some other ways on how to celebrate Halloween? What are some of your favorite costumes?

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