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7 Fun and Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas ...

By Diana

Fall is one of my favorite seasons with the changing of the leaves, cooler weather to enjoy, and Halloween decor to have fun with like carving pumpkins and hanging spooky skeletons and witches! Whether you are looking for pumpkins that are for your** trick o' treaters** to enjoy, your party guests to be impressed by, or just something fun to do with your kids, you can find many different ideas to suit the theme and look you're going for. Here are 7 Fun and Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas everyone will love...

1 Adorable Dog Breed Pumpkin Carving Ideas...

Adorable Dog Breed Pumpkin Carving Ideas...Photo Credit: BHG

Your dog will love this pumpkin carving idea **just as much as your trick o' treaters will! Are you dressing up your pet this **Halloween in an adorable costume that he will hate but you and everyone else will love? Let your dogtake center stage this holiday with a pumpkin that looks just like him! You can find stencils for most dog breeds at favorite was this cute little Dachshund.

2 Spooky Haunted House Pumpkin Carving Ideas...

Spooky Haunted House Pumpkin Carving Ideas...Photo Credit: MarthaStewart

If you are trying to create a spooky house for your Halloween party, these haunted mansion pumpkins are the perfect centerpiece that will invite everyone in for a thrilling adventure! To add to this scary pumpkin carving idea, add some cotton cobwebs, black birdcages, frightening signs, and play some creepy music that will make your guests jump!

3 Mummified Pumpkin Carving Ideas...

Mummified Pumpkin Carving Ideas...Photo Credit: BHG

When we pick our pumpkins each year we're always looking for new pumpkin carving ideas to share with the kids. As soon as I saw this cool mummy pumpkin guy I knew he could be a face my stepdaughters would love to carve! He has great charcter for Halloween and isn't too scary that little kidswould get spooked. What are some fun pumpkin faces you'll be carving?

4 The Cat's Meow Pumpkin Carving Ideas...

The Cat's Meow Pumpkin Carving Ideas...Photo Credit: MarthaStewart

Now that the dog lovers are happy, we can't leave cute little kittens out of our pumpkin carving ideas, especially when black cats are a favorite character in many Halloween tales! I love that this carving idea includes a body, tail, and paws for our little friends. So readers, are you a dog or cat person?

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5 She's Got Legs Pumpkin Carving Ideas...

She's Got Legs Pumpkin Carving Ideas...Photo Credit: BHG

Maybe you see fun "dancing witch legs" as they are called on the Better Homes and Gardensstencil, but these pair of legs remind me of the wicked witch from Wizard of Oz! If you want to create a scene of the house falling on her legs, paint the shoes red and lay the pumpkins flat right next to your home for a pumpkin carving idea that will take you back to Oz!

6 Wicked Witch Pumpkin Carving Ideas...

Wicked Witch Pumpkin Carving Ideas...Photo Credit: MarthaStewart

Speaking of the wicked she is for your next pumpkin carving idea! This is not just a creative idea for carving, but also for scraping your pumpkin's design onto it's body. I've never tried the scraping technique and I would love to give it a try with this evil looking witch!

7 Friendly Zombies Pumpkin Carving Ideas...

Friendly Zombies Pumpkin Carving Ideas...Photo Credit: MarthaStewart

These crazy looking zombies are one of the best pumpkin carving ideas I've seen and it seems so simple too! When pumpkin carving is easy and the end results are delightful as these characters, that is a craftingtask I can handle! I am really in awe of the creative ideas Martha Stewartand her staff come up with. How could you not smile and laugh when you see these fun zombie pumpkins!

Have fun with your kids, friends, and relatives this Halloween with** creative pumpkin carving ideas that will impress your trick o' treaters. As you can see from these pumpkin photos, it doesn't take much to put a fun character, a spooky house, or a pair of witches legs on your pumpkins. Be original and put your own twist on these **pumpkin carving ideas that no one else has ever seen. Don't forget to come back and share your Halloween stories with us!

What fun and creative pumpkin carving ideas are you using this Halloween?

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