7 Awesome Products for Your Dog ...

By Jordin

7 Awesome Products for Your Dog ...

Awesome Products for Your Dog are a great way to show your poochy pal how much you love him! Are you the proud new owner of a sweet puppy? Or maybe you have had your dog for years and he is your best friend! No matter what your situation is, you will need these awesome products for your dog to help take care of him! Whether it's pampering or just basic needs, I have it all on this list of awesome products for your dog! These products are top notch, and very affordable. Both you and your pooch will be pleased with my selections and their performances! Keep browsing my list if you would like to discover 7 awesome products for your dog!

1 Pet Head Double Dipping Mango Orange 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo

Price: $16.71 at getpetsupplies.co.uk

Your furry friend deserves to be pampered just like you do! This awesome product for your dog is a 2-in-1 conditioning shampoo that will effectively clean the coat while softening andu untangling for easy brushing later. You will love the shiny luster your pet's hair will have and the invigorating scent of this product!

2 Pet Head Come Clean Body & Paw Wipes

Price: $9.99 at petsmart.com

You know those muddy paw prints your dog tracks onto the clean kitchen floor when you bring him in after a long walk? Well, those are a thing of the past! This is a great product for your dog that will help you keep things clean. They're body and paw wipes that will help spruce him up and make him carpet friendly after a nice romp outside! Keep them right by the door for handy access.

3 Top Paw Fragrance Sprays for Dogs

Price: $6.99 at petsmart.com

Keep your pet AND your home smelling sweet and neat with this awesome product for your dog! A fragrance spray especially made for him which comes in a range of scents will be the perfect thing to keep nearby for those "dog-days" when you need him to be smelling fresh and clean. We have body sprays for ourselves, so why not for our doggies too? You'll both love it!

4 Nutri-Vet Shed Defense

Price: $7.19-$7.99 at petsmart.com

Want a fantastic, healthy product for your dog that helps both of you out? Well, here it is! Stop your little buddy from losing his lovely coat and save yourself from having to vacuum it all up with this Nutri-Vet Shed Defense! As an added benefit your furry friend will have a healthier coat. The tablets are tasty for your pet and he will eat them like a treat!

5 Miracle Coat Quick Finder Deluxe Safety Nail Clipper

Price: $49.99 at petsmart.com

Why pay for a vet to trim your pet's nails when you can do them yourself? These easy to use clippers are an awesome product for your dog! They help you detect where your pet's quick is so you don't clip too far. They are a bit more expensive, but look at all the money you will save on trips to the vet!

6 AKC Premier Line Leather Dog Harness

Price: $16.99 at petsmart.com

Feel secure when you take pooch out for a walk! He won't be able to wiggle loose from this baby of a harness! The best product for your dog ever, one that keeps your buddy safe and sound from traffic and close to you at all times! This harness is padded for extra comfort for doggie as well.

7 Doggles K9 Optix Sunglasses for Dogs

Price: $12.34 at petsmart.com

Wow! This is a truly awesome product for your dog! Not many people will have something this cool for their dog. Be the cool master and get these sunglasses for your furry friend! Hey, her eyes need sun protection too!

Your dog will admire you the most if you indulge in any of these awesome products for your dog! This list is a list of the best and top-of-the-line products I can recommend to you for your pooch! You will both be very glad you splurged on these awesome products for your dog! Did you spot any must-haves on this list for your doggie? Let us know the awesome products for your dog you like to buy!

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