7 Ideas for a Sweet 16 Birthday Party ...

By Jelena

7 Ideas for a Sweet 16 Birthday Party ...

Are you out of ideas for a sweet 16 birthday party? Maybe you haven’t thought about it yet or maybe you’re simply afraid your party won’t be as “WOW” as those glitzy, grand ones seen on MTV. Well, guess what – It doesn’t have to! I’m sure you already have a general idea about the venue and the number of guests you’d like to invite, so I’ll give you 7 few ideas for a sweet 16 birthday party, or 7 themes, if you prefer, and that should help you find ones that fit in your plans and budget:

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1 Dress Code Theme

If you’re going to have a standard sweet 16 party and you’re worried there won’t be anything “special” or “memorable” about it, it might be a good idea to come up with your own dress code. Colors like black and white are always a good option as they will allow you to really stand out by wearing an outfit that doesn’t fit the color scheme. You can also ask the guests to wear your favorite color or hand out customized T-shirts your guests will wear at the party and take home as a little memory of your special day.

2 Costumes

Costume parties either require a lot of hard work or a lot of money and that, my ladies, is the main reason why we don’t get invited to a lot of them. So, if money is no object, or you have a huge family ready to jump in and help with the decorations, I’d say – Go for it! Egyptian parties are awesome but very hard to pull off, Roman parties are also amazing and far less complicated, at least in terms of attire, but, if you really want something simple and effective- try Venetian masks.

"It's fascinating to understand the beautiful and hidden meanings behind each of the rainbow colors. Like a colorful tapestry, each hue holds a unique significance and vibrancy that directly relates to our own lives. Women can draw amazing inspiration and strength from this natural wonder."

3 Retro Themes

Need more costume-related ideas for a sweet 16 birthday party? Well, how about those retro themes we all love and talk about so much? You can take a trip back to 1920’s –’30 and do the whole Charleston theme with those lovely dresses and fab headpieces, recreate the Hippie era, have “good, clean fun” dressed in “The Grease” fashion or go crazy with prints, fabrics, styles and colors that have been popular back in time when Will Smith was “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”.

4 Glitz and Glam

Watching MTV’s Super Sweet 16 might give you some ideas for a sweet 16 birthday party, too! I’m not saying you should call in the cameras and blow a fortune but, if you want your sweet 16 to be sparkly and princess-like, this TV show could help you determine what is it that you want. A princess party? VIP party? All pink party? Maybe the glitter and sparkles should be the central theme? A little bit of creativity goes a long way here so, once you finally get the idea of the theme and decorations you want for your super sweet 16 party, get down to business. A lot of things can be handmade and that should save your parents a whole bunch of cash.

5 Girl Time

You don’t have to throw a huge party just so people can talk about it later. I know that sounds silly now but, believe me, half of those people won’t matter in a year or two. You can, for example, turn your sweet 16 party into a small but very exclusive event by inviting your BFFs only! Having such a small number of guests will allow you to do something really cool like a fancy spa day with massages, manicures, pedicures, makeovers or whatnot.

6 Outdoorsy Theme

If these afore mentioned ideas for a sweet 16 birthday party don’t really sound like your idea of a perfect time, try something different like garden parties, picnics, camping trips or luaus (in case you live close to the beach). These outdoorsy parties are not only super fun but budget friendly too, especially if you’re not planning to invite a lot of people.

7 Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt is a very popular sweet 16 birthday surprise these days so here’s one scenario all of you moms and dads could benefit from. Now, the route itself is something you’ll have to figure out on your own but most parents choose about three of four places kids like to go and turn it into an exciting adventure. The first stop should be a snack bar where your dear birthday girl/boy and her/his friends can grab a burger or a pizza, have fun, snap a couple of pictures and search for clues that should lead them to their next target. The number of stops and gifts has a lot to do with your budget and the same goes for transportation. Rent a limo if you really want to splurge or offer to drive them around yourself.

Well, I guess these suggestions fall under the category of popular ideas for a sweet 16 birthday party. I am, however, sure that some of you might think that these are waaay too popular, or even worn out so here’s one interesting question – have you ever been to a non-standard but totally awesome birthday party and what is it that made it stand out?

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you would definitely wear probably a skirt with leggings a matching shirt, accessories and convers.To get the best dresses, you need to visit allysfashion today.

Great Ideas!! Horror Partys also good if youde like to add that only ur list!! I wish this was made a week ago, it was my 16th yesterday! :(!!! Oh well :)

I recently had my sweet 16 and another fun idea I think you should consider is a murder mystery party. It's a lot of planning, but it's a super fun way to kill an hour or two. It's pretty amusing to watch everyone get into character and try to figure out whodunit. It works best if EVERYONE actually participates and acts, and if their character is very much unlike them.

Love these ideas, planning my sister's sweet 16!

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