9 Non-traditional and Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas This Year ...


9 Non-traditional and Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas This Year ...
9 Non-traditional and Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas This Year ...

Ways To Celebrate Christmas that are non-traditional can sometimes be difficult to accept when you are used to doing things one way for so long, but they can also be fun to experience! My family has always been traditional, but there are ways to shake things up if you are looking for some change. I've written this article with neat suggestions on non-traditional and fun ways to celebrate Christmas in hopes that you might find a great idea. Please continue reading for some top ideas to celebrate Christmas that will be unique, interesting, and fun!

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Skip the Gift Exchange

One of the most popular non-traditional ways to celebrate Christmas is by skipping the gift exchange. When you have a large family, gift giving can add up, so this idea is wallet friendly as well. A good idea would be to have each family member pitch in to cover one large cost of tickets to see a game or a play or go to a restaurant that everyone can enjoy.


Go Cultural

Here's a fabulous idea for non-traditional ways to celebrate the holiday! Pick a country that everyone agrees on, and celebrate Christmas in the same way that country does it! Decorate your home in a similar style, prepare your food in the same manner, and choose traditions from this country to carry out in your own home! It will be an interesting experience for everyone.


Go on Vacation

I love this idea for non-traditional ways to celebrate Christmas! Instead of staying at home, pack everyone off on a mini-getaway! Could be a cabin up in the mountains somewhere, a beach resort, or a family favorite. No matter where you choose, it will be non-traditional since the traditional way of celebrating Christmas includes being in your own home.


Change up the Main Course

The traditional Christmas meal is generally ham or turkey, so this year, why not mix it up a bit? Have a Christmas chicken, or maybe a large brunch. Even a seafood buffet would be different! So many non-traditional options to celebrate Christmas in the food department!


Give the Gift of Thought

One of the ways to celebrate Christmas that is both inexpensive AND non-traditional, include giving either the gift of thought or the gift of time. With the gift of thought, each member of the family must give a gift with thought put into it, such as a favorite baked dish with the recipe attached, or "redeemable coupons" for things like taking out the trash, giving a back massage, or washing the dishes for a week straight. With the gift of time, each person must come up with a homemade gift. Some ideas include artwork, cards, simple crafts and sewing projects.



Why not get your whole family to volunteer at a local shelter or hospital on Christmas Day? This is certainly one of the non-traditional ways to celebrate Christmas! You may never know how much it means to the people in those shelters when you volunteer your time to help out, and especially on a day like Christmas Day.


Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas

I love this idea! Instead of giving out gifts on Christmas Day, celebrate the 12 days of Christmas. For 12 consecutive days in a row during December, give each member of your family a small gift. It doesn't need to be large or expensive. My mother often did this when my siblings and I were younger, and we loved it!


Do Something as a Family

Want to know one of the most interesting ways to celebrate Christmas? Do something together as a family! Organize your church pageant, build a float for the town parade, or get a bake sale for charity together. You will be amazed by the effect that working together can have on your family!


Give Someone else Christmas

This is a tradition my family and I used to do every year. We would find someone who couldn't really afford Christmas, and make it happen for them. We would by them a tree, a Christmas meal, and a gift for each of them. We loved doing it, and I know you will too.

These are some of my favorite non-traditional Ways To Celebrate Christmas. I hope these ideas have given you some fabulous inspiration for ways to enjoy your holiday season! There are so many different ways to celebrate the holidays that this article could go on and on! Do you have any lovely and non-traditional ways to celebrate? Please comment below and share your ideas, we'd love to hear from you!

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#4 Having a taste of Cuba for Christmas. Cuban Sandwiches and Spanish Bean Soup

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