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8 Easy Forms of Entertainment for Rainy Days ...

By Alison

Some people love rainy days, and enjoy snuggling indoors in the warmth. Others find them irritating, get bored at being stuck indoors, and wonder what to do with themselves. It can be difficult to know what to do on rainy days – how do you entertain yourself? So if you live in an area with lots of rainfall, next time you´re looking for something to do on a rainy day, here´s some great suggestions …

1 DVD Marathon

Rainy days provide a wonderful excuse to crack open that box set of DVDs that you´ve had for ages, and enjoy a long, indulgent viewing session. Since it´s raining, you won´t feel obliged to be doing something more productive or ´getting out of the house´ - you can just sit back, put your feet up, and watch episode after episode.

2 Cinema Double Bill

Going to the cinema is a great way to spend rainy days – you can´t see the outside world, so you can forget how bad the weather is! If you live in a city, check out the smaller independent cinemas, which can be more affordable than the chains, and watch a couple of films.

3 Chit Chat

When you´re stuck indoors, take the opportunity to catch up with friends you´ve not spoken to in a while. Pick up the phone, or chat via the internet. If you both have skype, you can talk for ages, and you´ll be so busy having a good laugh and a chat that you won´t even notice the rain outside.

4 Sofa Session

On a rainy day, grab the duvet, a book and some chocolate, and curl up on the sofa. Or watch lots of trashy TV programmes. Just enjoy the chance to be laid-back and relaxed.

5 Crafty Crafts

Do you have any unfinished sewing projects? Or a half-knitted jumper? Wet weather is a good time to pick up those craft items and make some real progress, or start something new altogether. If you have a sewing machine and some fabric, you could even run up a new outfit.

6 Wardrobe Wars

This might not seem an interesting way of spending rainy days, but most of us could do with organising our wardrobes. So tackle the pile of clothes, throw out anything you really don´t want, and rearrange the items you do want to keep. Then have fun trying things on again and seeing if you can hit upon new combinations. You´ll probably stumble upon forgotten treasures as well!

7 Museum Marathon

Do you have a large or intriguing museum nearby? Put a rainy day to good use by enjoying a dose of culture. Take your time to wander around and examine the displays – if you see a painting you love, sit and immerse yourself in it. Then pop into the museum café, or one nearby, and rest your feet while enjoying a warming coffee or chocolate.

8 Dazzling Decor

Are you growing a bit tired of how your home looks? Make the most of rainy days by using them to make some changes to your décor. This doesn´t have to involve a painting or decorating marathon. Try moving things around, throwing a piece of fabric over furniture, or arrange some postcards on the wall. It can be surprisingly easy to get a new look.

Rainy days can seem very depressing, if you´re not a duck, or one of those people who loves wet weather. However, you don´t have to sit despondently watching the rain roll down the windows. There are lots of ways of entertaining yourself on rainy days and passing the time quite happily until the sun comes out. What is your favourite method of spending rainy days?

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