9 Ways to Throw an Awesome Holiday Party ...


9 Ways to Throw an Awesome Holiday Party ...
9 Ways to Throw an Awesome Holiday Party ...

How to Throw a Party tips can be really hard to find, especially when you are looking to throw an awesome holiday party! Well ladies, I got your 'how to throw a party' tips right here to ensure that your guests have the very best time at your next holiday party! Don't worry, my how to throw a party tips are for the budget conscious as well.

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Every good holiday party should start with a theme. It should be a theme that can carry throughout the party too, from the food all the way to the decor. I promise, this is 'how to throw a party' 101 – the theme is wicked important!


Foodie Food

It seems in this day and age, a lot of the 'how to throw a party' tips revolve around the food. It boils down to: most party food sucks. If you're learning how to throw a party, make sure that your food is great tasting, awesome looking and makes your guests want to come back for seconds!


Plan Ahead

When you are learning how to throw a party, make sure that you plan ahead for anything and everything. It all boils down to what type of party you are throwing. If it is a child's party, make sure that you prepare for the worst the kid's can dish out. If it is an adult party, make sure that you serve plenty of food to soak up the liquor. Plan ahead ladies, it will make your party that much better!


Great Venue

If you are looking to throw a huge party, you probably won't be able to get away with throwing it in your house. What this means is that you'll have to throw it in a venue. Hotels, halls and even awesome restaurants are all great places to throw a party. Just make sure the food is awesome and the venue can be decorated and you'll be all set!



Don't make your party boring by just having pin the tail on something. Think about the games that you'd want to play. Beer Pong is definitely a fave of mine and totally one of the most popular party games out there!



So if you're going to have games, why not have prizes too? They don't have to be huge and expensive. They could even be something as simple as a trophy for winning beer pong. It'd be something unique and different that will make your guests remember your party!



The music is so important! I can't stress this enough ladies. Nobody wants to be at a party where the music is horrible. You want to make sure that the tunes are up-to-date and that they are songs that people actually listen to!


Be Creative

There are tons of different cookie-cutter parties out there. Make yours original and unique – get creative! If you don't think that you have a creative streak, take a poll – what are your friends looking for in a party and incorporate some of their ideas!


Plenty of Seating

Don't you hate when you go to a party and there isn't enough seating for everyone? I do too! It's honestly one of my biggest pet peeves. Make sure if you're throwing a party, there is a ton of seating available!

Ladies, learning how to throw a party isn't hard, you just have to have the right tips to follow! Just remember, a party is supposed to be fun and unique! So what how to throw a party tips do you have to share ladies? Give up the goods!

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