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8 Fun Things to do in Palm Beach ...

By Talynn

Fun Things To Do In Palm Beach are so hard to narrow down! You can find tons of swell places to visit, activities to enjoy, or places to sightsee. And when you get tired of that, lounge on the beach! Who doesn't love to vacation? My husband and I are planning a fantastic one right now and I can't wait! It's hard to decide there are so many things to do in Palm Beach! But, we made a list. I'd love to share with you! Here are some of the things that we plan to do in Palm Beach when we visit.

1 Palm Beach Water Taxi

For a unique, relaxing and fun thing to do in Palm Beach, check out the water taxi! It provides transportation on the water, combined with narrated tours of the area, so you'll learn lots of cool interesting facts and get to see local points of interest.

2 Downtown West Palm Beach

With clear blue waters washing its feet and a lovely sky line, Downtown West Palm Beach is where you can catch up on all the entertainment! Some of the main highlights include weekly street festivals, free trolley transportation, museums, convention center and of course the waterfront! Sounds like a pretty fun thing to do in palm beach if you ask me!

3 Rapids Water Park

I am water park type of girl, so obviously Rapids Water Park would be high on my list of things to do in Palm Beach! With more than two dozen rides, you will have the time of your life! If you have young children, this should be a must on your list of activities. Kids love it here!

4 Palm Beach Photographic Centre

If you like to slow down and enjoy finer things in life, such as museums, I'd recommend you check out the Photographic centre! With its displays of contemporary photography you will enjoy it immensely! Workshops and tours are also given, so if you have a remote interest in photography other than enjoying it, check out this pretty fun thing to do in Palm Beach.

5 Blue Heron Fleet

Do you enjoy fishing? Would you like to try deep sea fishing? Here's your big chance! This boat will travel out to natural reefs in the Gulf Stream where you can catch snapper, mackerel, grouper and other bottomless species! What a super fun thing to do in Palm Beach!

6 Sports Immortals Museum

This is where my husband would get lost I'm sure! If you are a sports fan, you should make time to visit this museum. It's one of the fun things to do in Palm Beach! Unique displays are set up for nearly every sport you can imagine! And the gift shop will buy, sell and trade rare collectible items!

7 Echo Palm Beach

When you get hungry, this is the place you want to go eat at. You'll love the contemporary fixtures and the gorgeous wood and saffron accents! But the food is the real treat. Any kind of asian food you desire, you can have! Don't believe me? Find out for yourself!

I hope you enjoyed my list of fun things to do in Palm Beach! I've never been and I'm excited for my first visit! Do you have any fun things to do in Palm Beach that I didn't mention? I'd love to hear your opinion! Thanks for reading my list of Fun Things To Do In Palm Beach!

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