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7 Fun Things to do on a Girls' Night out ...

By Melissa

Girls' Night Out is a great way to get together with your best friends and cut loose. We all need a moment to de-stress from the week and have a good time. That’s what girls' night out is all about. Call up your girls, leave the men behind, and choose something from my list of 7 fun things to do on a girls' night out.

1 Dance Club

I love it when I can get my friends together and go out dancing. It’s not about looking for someone to hook up with. We just want to get out there and dance our little booties off. It’s a good time to get dressed up, have a couple of drinks and enjoy the music.

2 Spa

Of course there are also times when girls' night out doesn’t need to be so high energy. Times like those are better spent at the spa. My friends and I like to get pampered with a nice massage and facial. When we come back home to our families we feel so relaxed and rejuvenated.


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3 Comedy Club

Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? Even local aspiring comedians can put on a good show. Most times tickets aren’t too expensive and may also include dinner or drinks. Grab your best friends and try a local comedy club for great entertainment.

4 Sex Toy Party

Have you been to one of these? Some women are independent contractors selling items to use alone or with a partner. The parties are very classy and always entertaining. You start off with a few games to break the ice and then the sales lady will introduce a few products and explain how they work. Every time I’ve hosted a party everyone has had an awesome time. It's a great idea for a girls' night out!

5 Cooking Class

If you and your friends enjoy cooking, a cooking class is an excellent and unique idea for girls' night out. You can learn how to create a fancy exotic dish from a faraway land or even how to cook some old time classics.

6 Strip Club

If you and your girls are looking for something a little more risqué try a strip club. Girls or guys, you decide? However, I promise if you and your girls decide to go to watch other women dance you will take a lot of the attention off the stage. Nothing is hotter to some men than women watching other women dance naked.

7 Pole Dancing Lessons

Why not learn to pole dance yourself? Sign your bestie up for a pole dance class. You will get a great work out and have a fun time trying out sexy moves. You are sure to laugh with each other when and have many new stories to share.

Girls' night out has so many options. The best part of girls' night out is being with your friends and having a good time. What did you do on your last girls' night out? If it’s been so long you don’t remember maybe it’s time to round them up.

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