4 Easy Ways to Jazz up Your Next Outdoor Party...

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4 Easy Ways to Jazz up Your Next Outdoor Party...

Today’s post will be on some great ways to liven up your next outdoor party and comes courtesy of Marissa Alan. Marissa Alan is a writer with Outdoor Livingand loves to talk cooking, decorating, and green living. In her spare she enjoys spending time with her pet dog Daisy, her son Jeff, and her husband Will. If you’d like to learn more about fire pits, built-in grill, planters, and outdoor fountains, visit OutdoorLiving.com.
Jazz Up Your Outdoor Party...
Outdoor parties are a great way to have a fun time with your friends and family, show off the outdoor living space you’ve worked so hard on, and get a little bit of that ambiance nature provides. But whether you’re hosting a backyard gathering for the first time or the hundredth time, you always want to make sure you've got everything just right so everyone has a good time. With that in mind, here are 4 easy ways you can jazz up your next outdoor party so it’s even better than your last one!

1 Designate a Centerpiece...

• An outdoor party that lacks a centerpiece lacks focus. When you designate a centerpiece, you give the party its heart, creating somewhere for people to gather around and interact. Your centerpiece can be whatever works best with your setting and the type of gathering you’re hosting. For some, it might be a large fire pit. For others, maybe it’s a serving table with a buffet of foods. Whatever you decide, stick with it and lay out the rest of the party around it.

2 Rearrange the Furniture Sectional...

• Tired of your outdoor space always having the same look for every party? Then it’s time to rearrange the furniture! Doing this has 2 benefits, as it lets you give your area a new look and feel plus lets you create the optimal seating arrangement for the party. Make sure you plan ahead and try the arrangement before the actual party though – you want to know it’s going to work how you envisioned it! Sectional sets are ideal here, but standard patio tables, chairs, and sofas can work as well.

3 Use Common Accessories Uncommonly...

• Another way to give your party a neat touch that will make people to take notice is to use common accessories in uncommon ways. Put your creativity to use and you’ll come up with all sorts of ideas. For example, a decorative planter can work great as a drink cooler when filled with ice. If you've got some extra yard trimmings, try using them as a festive border around plates when everyone sits to eat. Your only limit is your imagination!

4 Don’t Forget the Citronella...

• This really comes back to making your guests comfortable, one of the hallmarks of any good outdoor party. Citronella candles do double duty, serving both as a neat decorative accent and keeping bugs away, ensuring your guests are free from itching and your food is free from any scavengers. There’s a reason they've been a staple in the outdoors for years and they definitely shouldn't be overlooked.

The next time you’re planning an outdoor party, keep these 4 ideas in mind. Implementing tips like these will help make your outdoor party a time everyone remembers!

We want to thank Marissa for stopping by All Women Stalkand giving our readers these great Outdoor Party tips, we hope you are inspired to Jazz Up your next Outdoor Party and impress your guests with these new ideas. What are some ways you have Jazzed Up your Outdoor Party?

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