7 Simple, Cozy Things to do on Christmas Eve ...


There are, of course, several things to do on Christmas Eve โ€“ and that includes the joy of doing nothing, of being away from stressful work- or school-related obligations. I have been slapped from all sides with academic requirements for my Masterโ€™s and all I wish right now is to be done with my papers so I can spend all day sitting on a couch wondering if I should get up or not. As I continue to daydream about that day, let me share with you my list of things to do on Christmas Eve. You bet I'm going to do all these soon!

1. Watch Christmas Movies

In our family, one of the classic things to do on Christmas Eve involves getting out those VHS tapes from our treasure chest, bringing finger food and drinks in the living room, and welcoming Christmas with movies showing the values of love and selflessness. This is one thing you should do with the ones you love. After all, Christmas is really a season to celebrate with the ones closest to your heart.

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