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I believe that every birthday should be treated like a holiday! But if you can’t organize nationwide parades and TV specials, you can at least make your birthday bash unforgettable! There are several ways to ruin a birthday bash, but just as many to make it incredible!

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I know decorations sound a little cheesy, but really who doesn't like a good theme? And the only way to make a theme truly obvious is by decorating your house or apartment to the nines! A birthday bash becomes truly unforgettable when there are certain images that stick in your guests' minds, like of your totally decked out living space! So head over to the party store, and splurge a little on the decorations that will make your house look party-friendly.


Photo Booth

A party becomes instantly more fun if you have a photo booth. When there's a lull or an awkward pause in the conversation, a group of friends can head over to the photo booth, put on some funky glasses and crazy wigs, and take some pictures! With the photo booth, there's always something to do and laugh about. Plus, the photo strips are basically tangible memories, ensuring that your party will never be forgotten.


Gift Bags

Gift bags aren't just for six-year-old parties, you can make grown-up gift bags too, filled with gift cards, Ghirardelli chocolates, and other things your friends love! You'll be everyone's favorite friend after you send them home with the goody bag, something they didn't expect to receive. If you are throwing a party for your child, fill their goody bags with fruit snacks, toys, fake jewelry or craft supplies—things you know they'll love and enjoy for a long time.



If you can afford to bring some entertainment your party, you can help make it the best party yet! If you're throwing a party for a little kid, invite someone dressed up as a Disney princess, superhero, or clown... but make sure no one has a clown phobia! In the case of a more "grown-up" party you can hire a someone you know to work as a comedian, DJ, band. That way, you can save money and help out a friend or family member's business ventures.


Keep Things Light and Happy

The key to enjoying yourself and having happy guess at your party, is to keep the atmosphere light. Don't let anyone bring up depressing topics or pick any fights. Let the day be about celebrating your life and all the friends you've made throughout it!

Famous Quotes

Happiness depends upon ourselves.


Go Somewhere

Take your party out on the town and go to a place you wouldn't go any normal day. Maybe go to a play, a concert, a piano bar, or comedy show. Something you wouldn't expect to do except on a special occasion. This can make your birthday bash fun, unique, and memorable.


The More the Merrier

Don't stress out if someone brings a guest without warning, or someone shows up who didn't RSVP. Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow and accept that the more guests you have, the merrier your party will be! When more people come, greet them and smile; don't get angry at your party, because that will kill the mood. Just accept that everyone might have to eat a little bit less and squeeze in a little bit more, but everyone will still have a great time.

Parties can be stressful and difficult to plan, but ultimately they are meant to a be a fun experience! If you follow these steps, you're sure to have an unforgettable birthday bash! How else do you ensure that your parties are amazing?

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