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How to Have a Fun Friday Night at Home ...

By Alison

Are you too broke to go out this Friday night? Or do you just not have any plans? Don't feel like you're missing out; you don't have to go out to enjoy yourself! You can have a fun evening at home - sometimes without spending a single cent! Here's how to have a fun Friday night at home …

1 Get Your Bestie round for Movie Night

Call your bestie and invite them round for movie night. You could check what's on Netflix and pick your viewing from that, or you could decide on a theme such as 'bad movie night' or your favorite actor. Watching movies with a pal makes them even more choose a double or even triple bill!

2 Watch Lots of Silly Videos on YouTube

Are you always watching funny videos on YouTube when you should be working? Have an indulgent evening doing nothing more important than watching silly videos. One good thing about YouTube is the suggestions for similar videos to watch, so you won't be short of material. And the bonus is that you don't have to worry that your boss will see you!

3 Skype Your Pals

Do you have friends who live a long way off? Make a date for a video chat to them on Skype. It's so much fun to have a long talk and laugh with them, and with every laptop having a built-in cam you can feel like you're closer to them. And because the call is free, you can talk for hours without fretting about the bill.

4 Have a Board Games Evening

Board games aren't just for kids! Organise a Friday games night; if enough people are interested you could hold it monthly. There are some really cool new games around, as well as the old favorites you remember from your childhood. Get your friends to bring their board games round, or search your local thrift stores.

5 Detox Your Wardrobe

Have a fun evening giving your wardrobe a thorough detox. Toss out anything that doesn't fir or flatter you. Experiment with new combinations; be bold, and try on items that you wouldn't normally wear together. You could come up with lots of 'new' outfits using garments that you already own.

6 Be Your Own Makeup Artist

Are you in a bit of a makeup rut? Do you always wear the same look? Invest in a makeup palette and try out some new looks. There are some bargain palettes that you can experiment with. Or you could work on perfecting that eyeliner flick you've never quite got right. Look for some video tutorials to help you.

7 Indulgence Night

One of the most enjoyable ways to spend a Friday night at home is to have an evening of total indulgence. Binge on your favorite serial, give yourself beauty treatments, and treat yourself to an extravagant dessert. What a fabulous way to spend an evening! Be sure to switch off your phone so that nobody disturbs your evening of indulgence.

Don't feel bad if you haven't got any plans for Friday night. It's not obligatory to go out, and it can be expensive if you do. You may also not have the energy for an evening out after a busy week. What would be your perfect way of spending a weekend?

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