7 Must-Watch Youtube Videos for when You're Bored ...

Finding some must watch YouTube videos is an adventure within itself. About 100 hours are uploaded every minute. Nobody’s viewing them all, and just about everyone has seen “Star Wars Kid,” “Muffins,” or the music video to “What Does the Fox Say.” Besides, the coolest videos are usually the more obscure ones. Therefore, allow me to share some must watch YouTube videos that you can’t miss.

1. Giant Stinson Beach Bubbles

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One of my favorite must watch YouYube videos is just under one and a half minutes long, so it’s perfect for a quick jaw-dropper. Nothing fancy happens. It simply features a man making bubbles—really huge ones! The simple beauty of these soapy giants is rather hypnotizing. I even tried researching “big bubble” formulas myself, and I’m proud to say that I’ve had some success so far.

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