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7 Must-Watch Youtube Videos for when You're Bored ...

By Anthony

Finding some must watch YouTube videos is an adventure within itself. About 100 hours are uploaded every minute. Nobody’s viewing them all, and just about everyone has seen “Star Wars Kid,” “Muffins,” or the music video to “What Does the Fox Say.” Besides, the coolest videos are usually the more obscure ones. Therefore, allow me to share some must watch YouTube videos that you can’t miss.

1 Giant Stinson Beach Bubbles

One of my favorite must watch YouYube videos is just under one and a half minutes long, so it’s perfect for a quick jaw-dropper. Nothing fancy happens. It simply features a man making bubbles—really huge ones! The simple beauty of these soapy giants is rather hypnotizing. I even tried researching “big bubble” formulas myself, and I’m proud to say that I’ve had some success so far.

2 Doodling in Math: Math, Spirals, Fibonacci, and Being a Plant

Vihart’s channel is the Holy Grail to any bored person. Her videos usually feature some mathematical doodling games that are great for killing time and improving your drawing skills. The amazing thing about Vihart is how she tricks you into learning. Each video is hilarious and can cover a diverse set of topics ranging between musical improv, Thanksgiving, Angry Birds, and more. Somehow, she manages to connect each video with math and doodling games.

3 Christina Bianco’s “Let It Go” Cover

Disney’s Frozen has been one of the greatest hits in the cinemas this season. I’m sure the fans out there have re-watched the movie’s iconic scene over and over. But have you seen comedic “interpretations” of this hit? Bianco imitates Demi Lovato, Idina Menzel, and more with her talent and hilarity. It’s hard to convey just how hysterical she is—just watch her covers and see for yourself!

4 Twilight Zone Episodes

These are perfect for those annoying 20 minute productivity killing lulls in your day. With the classic and new episodes at your fingertips, these gripping tales never fail to disappoint. Just a note, some are creepier than others. They aren’t gory, but the inevitable twists will infect your mind for hours. Watch at your own risk!

5 Impractical Jokers

I dare you to keep a straight face in one of these segments. Basically, Impractical Jokers is a game where these four friends dare each other to do silly things in public. One noteworthy example involves a spontaneous 80s themed workout session—in the middle of JFK airport. Is it painful? Of course, but nobody has to know you’re watching it.

6 Will It Blend

Just like title says, these videos are about blending things…with a blender. I think it was originally designed to advertise the Blentec’s culinary power by showing clips of this blender pureeing Big Macs, marbles, and even golf balls. Thanks to the viral nature of the web, things spiraled out of control. Blending victims soon included lighters, glowsticks, even Apple products. I’m starting to think that I really want to buy this blender.

7 Time Warp

These videos will take you deeper into what some affectionately call “that side of You Tube.” The Time Warp series features various stunts replayed in slo-mo. There’s a hypnotic beauty to watching water balloons pop in people’s faces that I can’t explain. Also, there’s a video that features the “Will It Blend” channel, too! If you ask me, there’s no better way to kill time than in slow motion.

Hopefully, with these suggestions, boredom will only plague you in times of low battery charge. Considering the volume of content out there, I’m sure this doesn’t scrape the tip of the cyber-iceberg. What are your favorite must watch YouTube videos?

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