7 Most Fascinating and Educational YouTube Channels You Can't Miss ...


7 Most Fascinating and Educational YouTube Channels You Can't Miss ...
7 Most Fascinating and Educational YouTube Channels You Can't Miss ...

Although the crux of YouTube is entertainment, it can also be used as a great resource of information due to the fortunate existence of educational YouTube channels. Throughout my high school years, searching for information for upcoming exams was crucial and I was coerced to use anything I could find to my benefit. That is how I stumbled upon many educational YouTube channels that are both entertaining and useful!

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AsapSCIENCE may actually be one of my favorite educational YouTube channels; it’s fun, informative and eye-opening! The content on this channel answers some of the most basic questions in a fascinating manner. Some of the videos discuss topics such as heartbreak, the act of crying, brain tricks and even power of thought. However don’t worry about falling asleep while soaking up valuable information because the format of the videos is really uplifting and engaging, it’s almost like you are watching a cartoon!



Another YouTube channel that I find myself scrolling through once in a while is SciShow. If you dwelled upon questions like: Why do we laugh or why do we kiss, this is the channel you should check out for answers! The videos are very informative and you will probably learn more things in a five minute video than by reading a boring article. Who knew that learning can be that easy?



If you are struggling in one of your classes and have a need for a personal tutor but don’t have the resources to get one, this channel can save you from failing! Whenever I didn’t understand a concept in my AP Biology class, I would always refer to these videos. There is plenty of information on different subjects with examples and explanations. Khanacademy is like a virtual tutor that you’ve always needed but never had!


Mental Floss

If you are one of those people who love to hear random facts here and there, check out MentalFloss! You’ll be able to enjoy about 50 facts per video without having to search up the information and details yourself. The facts that you learn from these videos can not only be beneficial for your general knowledge but also for your social game. You can use 50 weird laws or 50 common misconceptions as a conversation starter or ice breaker!



No matter what anyone says, science is cool and this channel can prove it! SteveSpanglerScience has a plethora of videos on different science experiments that involve candy, dry ice, flames and explosions! It basically brings all of your childhood dreams to life because you get to vicariously experience scientific experiments and see the outcomes. It’s completely compelling and interesting!



Would you prefer to learn about the world by sitting in your classroom or by sitting in your own bed in the comforting environment of your home? I would go for the second option which can be brought to life by watching Vsauce. Vsauce videos can give you the answer to why we get bored or discuss hypothetical scenarios like what would happen if we were born in space. It’s fascinating and makes the time spent on the Internet worth it.



If you are in the middle of exploring YouTube and stumble upon MinutePhysics, click the subscribe button - you won’t regret it! You’ll get the chance to learn about a parallel universe, if it’s better to walk or to run in the rain and even expansion of the universe. It’s all mind-boggling but so good for nourishing your curiosity! You can even contribute to the channel and ask questions you want answered in the comments!

Despite the fact that entertainment sources are often labeled as distractions to education, there are many ways in which they can educate us even better than textbooks. YouTube is a great source of information because it can visually show and explain the concept that would be hard to understand through pictures in textbooks. What are some of your favorite educational YouTube channels? Share in the comments!

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My son subscribes to 5/7 of these. So cool that my kid is trending!

Crash Course with John Greene is probably one of the best in YouTube!

Crash course!

Math Doodles is phenomenal!

Crashcourse history is also amazing!

I watch most of these channels and they\'re all so awesome i lobe it :D

I love crash course history in my junior high classes. They love the sarcasm and if they learn more about a topic this way I\'m okay with it.

Don\'t forget about Dnews and Big Think also. They\'re great!

There\'s a new one out there called IFLS they started with a page on fb and have now moved to YouTube. They have a ton of interesting facts!

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