9 Sad TV Commercials Guaranteed to Make You Cry ...


9 Sad TV Commercials Guaranteed to Make You Cry ...
9 Sad TV Commercials Guaranteed to Make You Cry ...

I don’t know when this trend started, but lately, the airwaves seem to be full of sad TV commercials, all guaranteed to make you cry. Or maybe it’s just me, being an overly emotional person… but I don’t think so! I actually really love ads that tug at my heartstrings, and if you do too, grab the Kleenex and keep reading. Here are my picks for the most tragic, touching, and downright sad TV commercials of all time.

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Embrace Life

I’m not sure if this necessarily belongs among the sad TV commercials, but it does make me cry. A lot. Every time I watch it. While most wear-your-seatbelt commercials use fear to convince you to be safe, this one uses love. Made for less than $50,000 and never actually aired on TV, it’s become an international sensation, transcending the need for translation – we can all see, and to the point, FEEL, what’s going on here, without words. Right in the feels.


Pictures of You

The Transport Accident Commission asserts that speeding is as dangerous as driving impaired, and they make their case with this horribly tragic TV commercial. The music is haunting (a remake of The Cure’s “Pictures of You”) and the images are stark and heartrending. It does make you think about slowing down, doesn’t it, once you see the terrible aftermath of speeding?


the consequences of such a preventable act. The somber tones and slowed-down cover enhance the message's potency, transforming it into a visceral experience that lingers long after the commercial ends. The stark reality of loss depicted reminds us that behind every statistic, there are families and loved ones torn apart by a single moment's choice. The ad effectively uses emotional weight to encourage viewers to reevaluate their driving habits, hoping to prevent future tragedies. It's a powerful plea for caution that resonates profoundly, leaving an indelible imprint on the conscience of anyone who watches.



It’s not until the very end of this TV spot that you even learn who it’s for – a Thai communications company called True – but the message is clear, that indeed, giving is communicating. It’s an amazingly poignant three minutes, and if you’re not misty-eyed by the end, you’re one heartless human being.



Let me be clear – I have a serious love/hate relationship with pharmaceutical companies. But this brief TV commercial is both sweet and sad, making you tear up the second the big brother walks into the apartment. You think you know what’s going on, but you won’t til the powerful ending.


It’s Time

What a sweet story! It’s not a sad commercial, really, just one that’s sure to make you cry a little, because it’s so much about love and all the things that come along with it, regardless of who you are. It makes what can be a difficult subject for some – marriage equality – a little less abstract, a little more about what it actually IS about – love.



This one didn’t make me tear up til the end… then wow, did I cry like, well, a baby! His little bird eyes are so expressive, and the music doesn’t help, either. And it begs a bigger existential question, too – are you living up to your potential? After all that stork did to bring you into this world, you’re a pencil pusher? I think not. Go, follow your dreams!



Oh for crying out loud, this is a commercial for chewing gum, but it’s still so sweet – she saved all of those birds, all those years! – it makes me cry. The end.


Get Closer

Again, you don’t even know what this commercial is for until the very end, and somehow, it makes it worse! Hugs. This is a commercial about hugs, getting closer, being human. And what’s so heartbreaking is that it’s true. Minus the bear suit, how many hugs would he have gotten?


Love Them Back

Can I just say how lucky you are I didn’t include the Sarah McLaughlin ASPCA commercial? I’ll include this dog food one instead. It’s so sweet and sad and sweet (I know, I typed that twice on purpose) you’ll smile and cry at the same time. I want a doggie friend forever now, too.

There are two other super-sad TV commercials I couldn’t find, one made to encourage people not to smoke (where a man is remembering his wife, who died of lung cancer in her early 40s) and one about how many orphans have been made during the AIDS epidemic. So many tears, so little time… which of these commercials made you cry? Or is there another one I need to add to my list?

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OMG!!Number 3, ugh....So very touching!Mad me cry hard

They all had me teary eyed but the giving and the love them back were so sad and sweet

I cant watch #8

These are beautiful

Okay video 3 had me tearing up. That was awesome. Thanks for sharing

3,7 and 8 had me crying so bad

Video 3 totally had me reaching for the facial tissue. Great commercial.

Type in" sad commercial- violin" it's beautiful and does have a happy ending

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