Top 9 Shows from the 90's ...


Top 9 Shows from the 90's ...
Top 9 Shows from the 90's ...

Shows From the 90's are some of the best shows in the world. Heck, half of the shows from the 90's are still on today! The 90's were definitely my childhood and these shows were a huge part of it. So take a walk down memory lane with me and let's get down to the top 9 shows from the 90's that I know you'll love!

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Ally McBeal

Before Gossip Girl, before Grey's Anatomy – there was Ally McBeal. Know that dancing baby that was huge in 2000? That came from Ally McBeal. This show was friggin' awesome and I never, ever missed an episode. Sadly, it ended in 2002, but that's okay, I have them all on DVD!



Oh yes guys, Seinfeld is definitely one of the top shows of the 90's out there. It was funny, quirky and had a ton of great one-liners. Even if you didn't grow up in the 90's, I'm sure you watched Seinfeld once or twice right?


Beverly Hills, 90210

How can I go through shows from the 90's and not mention Beverly Hills, 90210? It's honestly one of the biggest shows and even though it ended in 2000 – it's back on the air now! This show was definitely a must-see every time it was on and if I had to miss it? I taped it – yes, using a VCR and everything.


The Practice

The Practice is actually a show that took place in Boston. It featured Dylan McDermott as the main character and it was on from 1997 all the way to 2004. Truly, I've seen every single episode and I love them all. It's got drama, flare and is filled with tension! Do you watch Boston Legal? Well, that was a spin-off from The Practice. That's how good it was!


Beavis and Butthead

If you grew up in the 90's, you know you can't make a 'top 9 shows from the 90's' list without included this duo. These guys are honestly stupid, but that's what makes them funny! They are so socially relevant and make fun of everyone! Beavis and Butthead were so good – that they even brought them back. Did you watch last Thursday's episode? It was classic!


South Park

South Park is one of those shows that I grew up loving. It's full of everything bad and everything good! It's funny, it jabs at pop culture and it's sarcastic – the ideal combination! The best part? It's still on the air!


The X-Files

I actually wasn't super into the X-Files … until one of my friends got them all on VHS (because yes, that's what we had). An entire day of the X-Files got me hooked! This show was all about the paranormal and really made you wonder if we're alone in the universe!



How could I go through a top shows from the 90's list and not mention Friends? This show was seriously one of the best in the world. It had everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Courtney Cox – and then some! This is the show where the Rachel Haircut came from!



ER is one of those shows that you got sucked into. I watched the first season and was hooked from there. It was the show that you stayed home on Thursday nights to watch – it was that good. Plus it had George Clooney in it – who wouldn't love that?

Shows of the 90's are seriously some of the best out there. They created a foundation for some of the shows on air now! So tell me – did I miss any shows of the 90's that you watched? Share! I'd love to hear some feedback!

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I miss the X-Files SO much! I have never liked a show as much as I liked that one.

I never actually ever saw the last couple of episodes of Ally Mcbeal...I'll have to see if I can catch up somewhere... Also, LOVE Friends and ER, defo the TV shows of the 90s/early 2000s for me!

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