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Banish Boredom - Take up a New Hobby ...

By Neecey

What do you do in your free time? If you spend a lot of time watching TV or simply “relaxing,” there’s room in your life for a hobby. Here’s a list of ideas. Maybe your new passion is on it?

1 Photography

PhotographyEven with an inexpensive camera you can make incredible photos and works of art with photoshop and other photo tools.

2 Gardening

GardeningGrow pretty flowers or eat the fruit of your labors with soft fruits and veggies. And, get fit in the process.

3 Knitting

KnittingCreate unique garments and other cool stuff for you, your friends, family and home.

4 Drawing/Painting/Sketching

Drawing/Painting/SketchingSuch a great way to express yourself.

5 Volunteering

VolunteeringSo many opportunities to help out in your local community. And the feel good factor is immense.

6 Yoga

YogaMore than just keeping fit.

7 Investing

InvestingYou can start with little. Don’t gamble. Learn the ways of stocks and shares.

8 Writing

WritingKeep a journal, try your hand at poetry, write a short story or even pen a novel.

9 Needlework

NeedleworkTapestry, cross stitch or any embroidery.

10 Learn a Language

Learn a LanguageGoing abroad on vacation? Learn the language. Want a new career? Learn a new language.

11 Any Martial Art

Any Martial ArtGet fit, be able to defend yourself and have fun.

12 Read

ReadMake a one-off investment in an e-reader and choose from millions of free e-books or build your own library (thrift stores are fab for secondhand books).

13 Play Free Online Games

Play Free Online GamesSo many sites to choose from and each with their own communities to share the fun.

14 Origami

OrigamiThe Japanese art of paper folding.

15 Running

RunningDo it by yourself, with a buddy or your dog or join a club.

16 Crafting

CraftingSo, so many options. Use thrift store finds and items from nature. Build up your tools over time.

17 Cooking

CookingYou have to eat so make food a hobby.

18 DIY

DIYLearn all sorts of skills from plumbing to bricklaying.

19 Become a Wikipedia Editor

Become a Wikipedia EditorHelp keep the world’s favorite reference site relevant and correct.

20 Blogging

BloggingHere’s a guide to getting started:

21 Meditation

MeditationFind inner peace.

22 Canning

CanningMake preserves, chutneys and relishes.

23 Stargazing

StargazingYou don’t need a telescope (although you can invest in a cheap one/secondhand one). Plenty of astronomy sites exist to guide you around the night skies for your location.

24 Urban Exploration

Urban ExplorationUrban exploration is exploring your city’s abandoned buildings, tunnels, oddities and bridges.

25 Become a Mentor

Become a MentorShare your skills and aid someone through your life experiences.

26 Cycling

CyclingBuy a bike and see the world.

27 Listen to Podcasts and Ted Talks

Listen to Podcasts and Ted TalksPodcasts are an awesome source of information and are generally free.

28 Art and Antiquity Appreciation

Art and Antiquity AppreciationIf you live in a city, there’s sure to be a whole load of museums and galleries to visit.

29 Educate Yourself

Educate YourselfDo it for the joy of learning or to enhance your career. Many free courses are available online.

30 Hiking

HikingSee great places, commune with Mother Nature and keep fit.

31 Genealogy

GenealogyBuild your family tree and learn all about your heritage.

32 Comping

CompingIt’s free online. Just enter as many as possible then wait for the post. You could win anything.

33 Wine Making

Wine MakingIt’s easy to get started with home kits. You can try beer and cider too.

34 Be a Fundraiser

Be a FundraiserIf you’re not up for starting a charity (which is a huge commitment), you can get involved by raising some money - a trivia night or an auction are always fun.

35 Be a Low Cost Traveler

Be a Low Cost TravelerFind the cheapest flights to experience couch surfing, house sitting and holiday swaps.

36 Be a Couponer

Be a CouponerAnd save tons of money.

37 Geocaching

GeocachingGeocaching is a fascinating and exciting hobby that costs very little. All you need is a GPS capable device.

38 Cosplay/Re-enactment

Cosplay/Re-enactmentThis can be anything from Renaissance Fairs to battle re-enactment societies to Comicon.

39 Play an Instrument

Play an InstrumentLoads to choose from!

40 Quizzes or Puzzles

Quizzes or PuzzlesJoin or form a pub quiz team, join an online Scrabble league, play chess, do crosswords, play Sudoku … whatever.

41 Learn to Dance

Learn to DanceBallroom, Ceroc, salsa, Bollywood, Latin, Hip Hop - whatever takes your fancy.

What else could I have included? What are your hobbies?

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