The Secret to Making Your Boredom Work for You ...


The Secret to Making Your Boredom Work for You ...
The Secret to Making Your Boredom Work for You ...

I get bored a lot, which means I waste a lot of time – and then I spend more time hating myself for wasting time in the first place. Boredom and procrastination often go hand-in-hand, so the key to eliminating the former and stopping the latter from happening is to keep your mind occupied. You can be productive even when you're bored. In fact, that's the best time to get things done.

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Start by Getting Rid of All the Clutter in Your Thinking Spaces

tavern, Clean up your workspace, your home office, your office at work, the space where you do projects – eliminating clutter occupies your mind at the moment of boredom, plus it benefits you after the boredom passes.


Do What You Can to Ditch All Your Distractions, Too

Prestamo10, person, profession, GOD, THIS, Pinpoint your distractions first, then make a plan to get rid of them.


Use Your Phone Time to Find Apps That Help with Procrastination and Organization

beauty, Phones are time-suckers unless you can do something advantageous that will help you in the long run.


Try to Solve Some of Your Worries

person, hair, facial expression, hairstyle, blond, You're not doing anything else at the moment, so think about possible solutions for the issues that make you feel anxious.


How about Cleaning out Your Closet?

brassiere, Play some music while you work and get rid of all the stuff that doesn't fit, doesn't look right, and never makes it into the rotation.


Knock out All of Your Quick Tasks First

person, hair, black hair, singer, iMi, Remember, you can do anything for five minutes, twenty minutes, even an hour.


If It's Easy, Get It Done

person, woman, profession, finger, string instrument, Same – and plowing through the easy tasks can inspire you to keep on rolling.


Amuse Yourself with Some Meal Prep

meal, dish, lunch, food, useed, Cooking could eliminate your boredom, plus you can prepare yourself for the week ahead.


Take a Minute to Set up the Appointments You've Been Putting off

clothing, person, blond, woman, vampire, Man, I need to follow my own advice.


Now Jot down the Days so You Don't Forget Them

person, vision care, woman, blond, glasses, No point in making them if you forget to keep them, right?


Explore Your Junk Drawer and Clean It out

cartoon, Who knows what you might find in there?


Go on an Organizing Binge

woman, blond, major appliance, home appliance, cash, This is another task that will occupy your mind now and benefit you later – personally, I recommend starting with the kitchen and the bathroom(s).


Locate All the Things in Your Life That Aren't Really Necessary

hair, hairstyle, black hair, Things, furniture, clothes, distractions, people, apps – start looking for the things you can honestly live without, and you'll be surprised by what you discover.


Read Something That Fulfills You

person, woman, profession, document, gentleman, It might be a book you've always meant to read, something brand new, or an old favorite.


Or Watch Something That Inspires You

Or Watch Something That Inspires You My recommendation is Dear Zachary, a documentary, but as much as it changes your life, it will also destroy you.


Or Listen to Something That Moves You

person, profession, Lately, for me, it's a strange combination of Eminem and Sleeping at Last, but your mileage may vary.


And Always Be Open to and Aware of Learning Something New

black, person, white, hair, painting, It can be something small, like a new phrase or custom, or something large, like a language, but if you're always learning something new, you may soon find that you're rarely bored.

Here's an extra tip: the first time you're bored after you read this, sit down and write a to-do list of all the tasks you'd like to accomplish anytime boredom strikes.

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EXQUISITELY RELEVANT stuff, “Super~Lyndsie”!!! Big THANKS for posting this bountiful motivation, insight & encouragement!!

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