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Knowing how to enjoy work can be difficult. Frequently, work is demanding, stressful and at times downright tedious. We all have to earn a living, so it´s not uncommon to be doing something that is far from being your ideal career. If you can find ways to help enjoy your work, the day will pass more quickly and you´ll be more productive. So here are some hints on how to enjoy work.

1. Divide the Time

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One way to enjoy your work more is to divide up your day into blocks. This can be done either by structuring it around your breaks, or into hours, for example. It doesn´t involve clock-watching, but rather allows you to schedule work within those divisions, which means that you can feel you have achieved something and are therefore pleased with what you have done.

2. Set Challenges

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Setting challenges for yourself will make work more interesting. These can be more important, such as aiming to get promotion, or minor, for example aiming to finish a piece of work ahead of schedule. The work may not become any more interesting in itself, but the psychological boost will help you feel more positive about your work.

3. Take Pride

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The fact is that most people have to do a job that pays the rent. We can´t all have interesting and fulfilling careers, but we can take pride in doing our job well. In addition, even though a job may not be high-powered or glamourous, it is still an honest wage and we can be proud of being able to pay our own way and look after our families.

4. Different Department

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If you´re wondering how to enjoy work, sometimes the answer can be to make a change. This doesn´t have to mean looking for a new job, but could involve changing to a department that interests you more. Say you work in retail, in the shoe department, but are really interested in crafts or cooking, look into the possibility of moving. If you are enthused about the products you sell, you will enjoy your work more.

5. Improve Skills

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Often it is easier to enjoy your work if you are paid well for it or have the prospects of promotion. One requirement for getting a better job is to acquire the necessary skills. Improving your skills and knowledge also allows you to feel a greater sense of achievement and self-worth, rather than worrying that you will be stuck in the same job forever.

6. Get Organised

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Work is never going to be enjoyable if you´re constantly trying to finish tasks but never seem to get anything done. If you´ve got too much work, then seek assistance. If you should be able to get it done by yourself, then it´s time to be more organised. Prioritise the most important jobs, look for ways that you can save time, avoid wasting time on unimportant matters and don´t let people distract you.

7. Make Friends

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Perhaps the best way to enjoy your work is to make it a more enjoyable environment to be in. Obviously you can´t organise the office to suit yourself, but you can make friends with the people you work with. Since you spend a lot of time with them, this will make the day more pleasant. Whether you socialise with them, or are simply friendly at work, it´s a lot nicer if you get on with people.

If you really can´t stand your job or outside factors make it difficult, then nothing is going to make it more enjoyable and it´s probably time to move on. However, that´s not always practical, or indeed possible these days. Generally there are lots of ways to help yourself enjoy your job more. Have you found ways that show you how to enjoy work?

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