7 Things to Remember when Starting a New Job ...


7 Things to Remember when Starting a New Job ...
7 Things to Remember when Starting a New Job ...

Before you walk through the doors to your new office, you should know the things to remember when starting a new job. From your clothes to your communication skills, all eyes will be on you for the next few weeks. So, if you’re feeling that usual mixture of stress and excitement over starting the next chapter of your life, these 7 tips will keep the transition as smooth as possible. Before you know it, you’ll be the employee of the month!

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Keep an Eye on Attire

The first thing to remember when starting a new job is that you’ll need to dress appropriately for your work environment. That means you should save the shopping spree until after you’ve completed week one of your new job. Study what your coworkers and boss are wearing, keeping your own look sleek and simple –a white button-down, a pencil skirt, and classic kitten heels will do. Even if your office environment is super casual, save the jeans until you’re absolutely sure your boss won’t mind. And always remember: A bit too dressy is always better than a bit too sloppy.


Don’t Be Late

As a city dweller, I know that public transportation is generally awful and that cars can sit in traffic for long stretches of time. That’s why you should leave earlier than usual during your first few weeks at a new job. If you get to work way early, grab a cup of coffee and the morning paper. Believe me, sitting in a café for a half an hour is much more preferable than dealing with a frustrated boss in the morning.


Double Check Your Work

One often overlooked thing to remember when starting a new job is proofreading! While you should always re-read your e-mail before hitting “Send”, it’s vital to do so during your first few weeks on the job. Blaring typos and grammatical errors are like red flags to your new boss. You won’t go far in a company if the higher-ups don’t think you’re capable of writing a simple e-mail.


Don’t Buddy-up with Your Coworkers Just Yet

So, the woman who sits next to you loves to gawk at the same trashy reality shows you do and the guy at the front desk is a total hottie. That’s great, but before you start sharing tidbits of office gossip, be sure you’re dishing to people you can fully trust. And save any talk about your boss for your gal pals outside of work. Drama free is the way to be!


Ask Questions

A vital thing to remember when starting a new job is to ask questions. Whether you need advice on how to complete a tough assignment or just want to know how many vacation days you’re allowed to take, don’t hesitate to ask. Just make sure you’re posing these questions when your boss doesn’t have a pile of work sitting on her desk or looks particularly stressed out. You’re better safe than sorry, after all!


Don’t Plan Any Immediate Vacations

If your BFF’s parents still support her and she’s begging you to take a trip to Hawaii, avoid temptation by putting your foot down sooner rather than later. Even if you’ve been offered two weeks of paid vacation, don’t rush to use them up. You want to be seen as reliable, so save the getaways for next summer.


Set Your Social Media Profiles to Private

One last thing to remember when starting a new job is to keep your personal life away from the prying eyes of your supervisor. You may have had a chill boss at your last job, but there’s no guarantee your new one will laugh at photos from last Friday night’s drunk escapades. So, play it safe and keep your profiles on lockdown.

With these 7 things to remember when starting a new job, you’ll make a positive impression before you know it! Which tips will you follow? Do you have any of your own to add?

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