7 Things to Consider before Quitting Your Job ...


With a tough economy in our midst, there are several things to consider before quitting your job. When your boss calls every morning at 5am and your coworkers can’t cut the gossip, it’s tempting to hand in a resignation letter and run. But any potential future boss would cringe if you spend the next year propped in front of a television set. Here are 7 vital things to consider before quitting your job –because when you’ve covered your bases, quitting will be regret-free!

1. How Will You Pay Rent?

One of the most important things to consider before quitting your job is a four-letter word: rent. Since a huge chunk of your paycheck probably goes to The Man (a.k.a. your landlord), you’ll need to figure out how to pay up. Without a steady job, it can be tough –but it’s not impossible. For example, if you take on a roommate, you can cut your living costs in half. After quitting my job, I moved in with my fiancée, who is currently employed. She takes care of the rent while I pay for necessities like food and tidy up the house.

How Will You Earn Money?
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