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If you’re one of the many people who use LinkedIn to network and job search, check out these pointers for your LinkedIn profile! Your LinkedIn profile can be viewed by your boss, co-workers, recruiters, potential employers and more, so you want to make sure your profile is the best is can be! Whether you’re new or very familiar with the site, I think you’ll find these eight pointers for your LinkedIn profile quite useful so let’s get started!

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Profile Photo

Let’s start off these pointers for your LinkedIn profile with the ever important profile picture! This is the first thing that people see so of course you want it to be the most flattering picture, but you also want to keep it professional. Take the time to get a professional picture taken or at least post a clear picture of your headshot where you look polished. Save the party photos, vacation shots and pictures with friends and family for your personal album or Facebook.


Keep It Clean

Another important LinkedIn profile tip to keep in mind is that you want to keep your name clean. What I mean by this is to keep your name free of any acronyms, nicknames, titles or credentials. You want to keep your name clean, concise and professional. Only list your first and last name in the name fields so you’re easy to find in a search, and save the other details for your headline.



Your LinkedIn headline should include keywords that describe what you do so it helps improve your searchability. Don’t throw in random filler just to take up space in your headline, this can hurt your optimization for key phrases. Be descriptive and include catchy keywords that describe your skills and will attract the attention of your target market and encourage them to check out your profile!


Contact Info

Now that a potential employer viewed your profile, how do they get in contact with you? Make sure your profile includes an email address that is professional like your first name and last, not the cutesy email address your friends and family know, and make sure you check it periodically. Although there is the option to send a message through LinkedIn, always provide a back-up just in case!



Another one of the important LinkedIn profile tips to keep in mind is that if you link your Twitter or personal blog, make sure that the content is professional and appropriate. You don’t want to link your Twitter account if you have Twitter wars with random people or if you frequently tweet your favorite celebrities. That’s a side of you that potential employers and colleagues need not know!



Don’t forget to customize your LinkedIn profile URL! You have the option to customize your profile URL, so why not change it to reflect your name, area of expertise or business. This way, it’s easier to share and promote your public profile URL when it’s your name or something easier to remember, rather than just a series of numbers. Add your customized URL on resumes, email signatures and business cards.



The LinkedIn summary section provides you with an area to further elaborate on your experience, background, awards, special projects, etc. Use this space to give your readers an overview of your experience and expertise as well as highlight your work accomplishments. Include details that will draw readers in, speak directly to your target audience and write in the first person.



The last LinkedIn profile tip is to keep your recommendations professional. Reach out to current or former managers or supervisors who will be able to give readers a professional opinion of your skills and capabilities. Recommendations from friends or co-workers commenting on your fun and cheery personality won’t carry much weight with potential employers!

Use these LinkedIn profile tips to help you get the most out of your profile. Treat your LinkedIn profile page like your own personal web page to help market yourself and network with others in your field. Do you have any pointers on making a strong LinkedIn profile? We’d love to hear your tips!

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Great tips! I haven't spent a lot of time building my profile but I need to.

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