8 on-Campus Jobs to Boost Your Resume ...


8 on-Campus Jobs to Boost Your Resume ...
8 on-Campus Jobs to Boost Your Resume ...

In a difficult market for graduates, having on-campus jobs to boost your resume could make all the difference in getting that new position or not. In a pile of CVs that can only boast of academic achievements and laudable job-worthy character traits, having on-campus jobs to boost your resume can make you stand out. So, if you’re at college/university, what on-campus jobs should you be considering and why will they help you gain a foothold in the job market?

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Alumni Association

Colleges pride themselves on keeping in touch with former students long after they’re gone. And former students enjoy updating themselves on the doings of their former colleges. As part of the association, you’ll play a part in organizing special events and cold-calling the college’s alumni. It’s one of the on-campus jobs to boost your resume because it shows you can express yourself and communicate with people you don’t necessarily know.


Become a Tutor

Tutor an exchange student in a skill like English or computing. Just teach them anything you’re good at. It’s one of the college jobs to improve your employability for many reasons. You are showing you can communicate with people from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds. This is important for dealing with workplaces which continue to become more diverse. Moreover, it demonstrates your mastery of whatever you’re teaching. It shows evidence of planning and being a team player, and also motivation.


Social Media Ambassador

All educational institutes are waking up to the power of their social media presence. Colleges and universities are actively paying students to keep the institute’s social media accounts updated and to broadcast news about the school and its activities. Why is it amongst the on-campus jobs to boost job applications? It highlights your social media savviness and demonstrates you have a basic knowledge of marketing a brand and organization.


Photoshop Specialist

Colleges also place photographs on social media accounts. Before uploading, they want any spots and red eye removed. Use Photoshop to touch up pictures and get paid for it. You can also find yourself putting together cool infographics. It’s an essential skill as it tells an employer you can master complicated software and also put your creativity and talent to good use.


Help out a Professor

Volunteer to help your professor with whatever needs doing. It’s not glamorous and you could find yourself cleaning equipment and filing papers, but on a job application it looks fantastic. It’s one of the best on-campus jobs to boost your resume because it’s showing dedication and the willingness to go the extra mile during your academic life.


Manage a Sports Team

Join a sports team as a manager. You’ll find yourself assisting the coaching staff and managing the equipment. As part of your reward, you’ll get free passes to games and may even travel to away games with the team. As well as working on the sidelines, there are other roles in the college’s athletics center, such as being a receptionist or cleaner. It’s a great way to put your organization and communication skills in the spotlight.


Participate in a School Play

If you have no dramatic leanings you can still participate in a non-acting role. It can include helping the crew with the costumes, set design, or even writing an original play. Watch as your creation comes to life on stage. To help this college job to improve your employability, take pictures of the play at various stages of production. Not only can you talk about your time-management skills, you can provide a photographic portfolio to a potential employer.


Brand Ambassador

Be a guide around campus to guests and potential students. Colleges also sell different brands of product in their on-campus shops. Look into becoming a brand ambassador for these products. The work mainly consists of advertising and putting up signs, but it’s a great boon for your marketing skills. It’s one of the ideal on-campus jobs to boost your CV because employers want to know their new hires can carry a brand in a unique and creative way.

Check out your own on-campus jobs to boost your resume. There's work in the library, bookshop, cafeterias and maybe even in the labs. Even the most menial jobs can be sold in a positive light on your CV, so when deciding on whether to take a job or not, look for the attributes of working on campus that will sell you to prospective employers. Do you have an on-campus job?

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