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The great thing about being human is that you can always do better, be it your personal life or professional life. Read Danielle's wonderful tips on how to improve your performance at your workplace and get ready for that much deserved promotion. Thanks Danielle!

In the professional world we’ve all heard that ‘it’s all about who you know’. To have experience is to also have exposure. Currently, the rate of employees that state high job dissatisfaction is through the roof and with this, there are also many of us that don’t feel challenged enough at work. If you’re talented, becoming more professionally active is a great way to practice and gain the necessary experience for moving on up. Get yourself to that Happy Place with these seven tips to challenge yourself on the job and make sure your good work day turns into a great career!

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Take on a Project

Perhaps your really great at archiving or you’re very interested in testing the waters by taking on a creative project. Go ahead and give it a shot! Many work places have a backlog of duties that need to be done. It’s great to take the initiative and find projects you’ll enjoy rather than waiting and being assigned ones you find uninteresting.


Learn on Company Time

Taking time to develop and learn is an important step of getting better professionally. There are many online courses available with flexible study schedules. Plan a meeting with your boss where you can explain the course and how it will benefit the company directly. If your course costs money, most employers will also pay for relevant training.


Develop a Plan

If you are able to take the opportunity to do a little on the clock learning or have a degree you’re ‘yet to use’, why not challenge yourself to put the theory of your learning into professional practice? Ask yourself or your manager where your unique tool set can be put to use. Is there a procedure you can create? A workshop to lead? Students can do a lot for even a little coffee shop!


Get Involved in a Program

Many companies have programs within the social framework of their organization. Find out about workplace committees and initiatives. Getting involved with coworkers in a team environment is a great way to network, grow professional relationships and cultivate experience.


Do Something New for Break Time

One of the best ways you can challenge yourself at work is to change your break habits. No more smoke breaks! You can still go outside if you enjoy physically removing yourself from your workspace, but now you also have the option of reading, eating, exploring and checking in with friends all from within the comfort of warmth inside.


Set Professional Goals

Challenging yourself professionally is a great way to stay ahead. Get to know some of the many positions available within your line of work. From your findings, find a professional mentor or role model and learn about the trajectory of their career path that brought them to where they are. Start with one small goal that will get you on the path you want to be taking.


Set Social Goals

This is a huge challenge for those who recognize themselves as shy. If you find this to be true for yourself, start easy with something that can be completed within one day. Suggestions for social goals include remembering more names, attending more networking events or becoming more involved in social media. Get to know your audience whether that be co-workers, management or perspective employers and challenge yourself to be more connected.

I’m a lucky duck. I really do like my job. I keep a steady pace of being challenged with my business and creative ambitions. A great amount of this success is in thanks for my drive to create. I believe that we all have to work so we mine as well work to love our jobs! Give yourself challenges and keep your attitude positive by remembering that all your hard work and dedication will bring positive results. So how about it ladies, what are some smart skills you've got that you can use to boost your experience and ultimately, exposure? Do you have any further suggestions to share?

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