8 Ways to Cope when You Hate Your Job ...


8 Ways to Cope when You Hate Your Job ...
8 Ways to Cope when You Hate Your Job ...

Do you need ways to cope when you hate your job? You may not hate it all the time, but most jobs have their stressful and difficult aspects that leave you wondering how you're going to get through the day. Unfortunately most people don't have any alternative but to put up with their job. So here are some ways to cope when you hate your job …

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Exit Strategy

One of the best ways to cope when you hate your job is to plan how you're going to leave. It's rarely a good idea to simply quit. You need to have a plan, as you don't want to be left without any means to support yourself and no prospect of another job. With an idea of how you're going to move on, you'll find it easier to cope.


Fun Free Time

If it looks like you're stuck with your job for now, then concentrate on making your free time enjoyable. Plan lots of fun activities for your weekends and evenings, and organise a vacation. With something to look forward to, your working days will seem that bit more bearable.


Room for Improvement

Think what it is that you dislike about your job. Perhaps there is something you can do to improve it? Work out what the problems are and if your managers are helpful, suggest some appropriate changes. They may be unaware of what is making your work life difficult.


Positive Side

These days, any job is better than no job it seems. So even if yours is difficult and you don't like it, try to focus on the positive side. Having this job means that you can pay your bills and look after your kids. Or maybe it allows you time to enjoy your hobbies.


Stick with It

Sadly the days are gone when you could quit one job and walk straight into another. The best option is to stick with your job. You can always keep an eye out for something else, and it is often said that it is easier to get a job if you already have one. Employers like staff who show staying power.



Do you hate your job because you feel that you don't have any prospects? Improving your skills may help to get you a better, more enjoyable job. Look at what you can fit around work commitments; there are lots of part-time and distance-learning courses. Your employers may even fund your training if it benefits them.


Make Friends

Work is always more enjoyable if you have friends there. You don't necessarily have to socialise with them, but it makes the working a day a lot easier if you see friendly faces. So try to connect with people - you could end up making some really good friends.


Divide the Day up

The end of the day can really seem a long way off when you hate your job. One way to make it pass faster can be to divide the day up. Don't count the minutes until your next break, or the day really will drag. Instead, when your lunch break arrives, think that you have already done half your work day.

It's definitely not much fun when you really dislike your job. However, we all have bills to pay, and in the present climate having a job is something to be glad about. So we have to find ways of making it easier to cope with. What is the worst job you have ever had?

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I don't hate my job but i'm sticking to it until i know i land myself in a better place, retail is kinda boring!

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