7 Good and Not so Good Things about Working at Home ...

Working from home has become a widely accepted and loved method of working these days. Of course, as with all things it has its perks and disadvantages. Read guest contributor Diana's post to know exactly what these pros and cons are.

Working from home is very popular these days. Many simply want to be able to stay home and still earn an income. There are also others who don’t want the hassle of a commute. There are good and bad aspects to working at home.

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You can work in your pajamas and slippers. However if you tend to be a little lazy, like me, you may never get dressed again.

2. Personality Issues

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Issues with co-workers can make your day or break your day. If you thrive on socializing, working at home is most likely not for you. I myself like to be at home and don’t really miss the social aspect of a job outside of the home.

3. Coffee and Food

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You will not be able to get up and get coffee whenever you want. Also eating on the job is not allowed. If you are talking on the phone, customers can tell you are eating. Too many people seem to think that they can do whatever they want. Most work at home jobs make you take set breaks and lunches.

4. Types of Positions

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The most available type is customer service. Not every personality is cut out to deal with customers over and over, many times a day. There are also technical jobs, virtual assistants, mystery shopping and outbound calling. These are not all of the types of jobs, they are too numerous to mention.

5. Neighbors

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This can be a big problem. I have neighbors who knock on my door, even after I tell them not to. You would need to put a sign on your front door stating – Β«Working from Home – Do Not KnockΒ». All of the companies have a zero tolerance background noise requirement.

6. Computer Requirements

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Your computer will have to pass a speed test. The company that hires you will need to be sure that your computer will work properly for the job. Some jobs require certain software you may have to download. If you don’t want to add programs to your computer then working at home is not for you.

7. Looking for a Job

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One of the best websites to check for jobs is ratracerebellion.com. You can sign up for emails and they alert you to new postings. They have an extensive listing of every type of work at home job available. Another great site is wahcheck.com. They make sure that the jobs are not a scam. You can read reviews and information on the work at home companies. A lot of the companies only hire in certain states. Be sure to read the job description thoroughly.

For anyone thinking of working from home there is some research to be done. Be sure you understand what the job is and what they expect of you. Good luck!

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