8 Ways of Dealing with Stress at School ...


8 Ways of Dealing with Stress at School ...
8 Ways of Dealing with Stress at School ...

Dealing with Stress can be difficult, but not impossible. High school is a highly stressful time for a teenager and it's no wonder! With the extra workload, social life plus the added drama of teen girls and love lives, it can get pretty messy! But luckily, there ARE ways of dealing with stress and balancing it all out. Here are my top tips for doing just that! Read on for some very effective ways to balance out your social life and school life. You will find that dealing with stress is a challenge that can be easily overcome!

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Create a Schedule

The very best method for dealing with stress is just to not let it take over your life. And how do you do that? By creating a schedule to follow! Write down all your class projects and assignments, after school activities and anything else you have going on in your life on a calendar so you can keep track of it all. You'll find that is the easiest way to make sure you don't forget about something important!


Get Plenty of Sleep

Number one way of dealing with any stressors is making sure you get plenty of sleep. Most teenagers don't get the recommended amounts of 8-10 hours per sleep each night. That can affect your performance at school and your attitude as well as your stress levels! So turn off the computer and get off the phone and hit the sack early on school nights.


Ignore the "Mean Girls"

I understand that this is much easier said than done. I've been through my own share of high school drama, and believe me, no one can take it like I can! But that doesn't make it fun for anyone, regardless of how "strong" you are. Find someone you can talk to about it to cheer you up, and learn to just filter it out. You can't change them, so just ignore them and you will be better for it!


Have a Healthy Escape from School

School is very important, and it's great that you can be driven and focused on your work! But when it comes to dealing with stress, try to have a healthy escape outside of school, something to get your mind off of everything and relax. The mall, the park, hanging with friends, a sport you love or a hobby are all great places to start. Just make sure that you don't let this escape become more important than your schoolwork.


Don't Procrastinate

If you always wait till the last minute to start working on a project that's due or to hand it in when it's finished, of course you're going to be stressed! Procrastination brings on stress, worry and you're usually in a big hurry to finish and turn it in on time, so you may not do your best work. It may not always be possible, but getting a head start on your homework assignments is one huge way of dealing with your stress before it even starts!


Eat "Brain Foods"

Yes! There are certain foods-brain foods as I like to call them-that supercharge your brain and get you going for the day. These same foods can also help you stay focused and energized to get your school work done therefore lightening your stress load. Try eating more fish and lean chicken, protein and fruits and veggies. Nuts and peanut butter and eggs are great sources of protein! Try to cut back on caffeine, pastas and carbs as these help your LOSE focus.


Focus on What's Important

Here's one way of dealing with stress: Remember to focus on what's important. By this, I mean that if you start to feel overloaded, you may need to cut back on some after school activities, social gatherings, or clubs and extra curricular activities that may be cluttering up your life and causing more stress. Your schooling is what's most important right now. You can always see your friends on the weekends, but if you cheat yourself out of your education, that's something that is difficult to make up for.


Don't Abuse Drugs and Alcohol

If school has you stretched to the limit, experimenting with drugs and alcohol is NOT the way you should be dealing with stress! Avoid tobacco, alcohol and drugs at all costs, for your physical, mental and emotional health. If you feel yourself being tempted to try them, talk to a counselor or trusted adult friend. They can help you see the dangers of playing around with abusive substances.

I hope my article on dealing with stress **has encouraged you today! **Dealing with stress is truly a part of everyone's life and there are many different ways to do it. But these are my top picks on ways of dealing with stress at school. How to you deal with your stress?

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