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8 Typical Office Problems and How to Deal with Them ...

By Alison

It's all too common to find yourself having to deal with office problems. The workplace can be full of situations that cause you stress, and leave you wondering how to deal with them. Office problems can even make your working life a misery and leave you dreading Monday morning. So if you encounter any of the following, try these tips to help you deal with office problems …

1 Gossip

When you have to deal with office problems, this is one of the most typical. Unfortunately, you can find that nothing is secret in an office environment, and if you're the target it's particularly unpleasant. Always be discreet about your personal life if you don't want it being broadcast around the office, and don't get involved in gossiping about others.

2 Backstabbing

Backstabbing is even nastier than gossiping. Finding out that someone you thought you were friends with is actually undermining you or talking about you is unpleasant. What can you do about it? Be wary of whom you confide in and what you tell people, unless you are sure that they're trustworthy and respect confidentiality.

3 Bad Romance

Work is a common place to meet your partner, but making an office romance work can be complicated. If you're dating a co-worker, try to keep your private life away from work time. And never be tempted to cheat with a co-worker - it could badly affect your career.

4 Racism/Sexism

If you're the target of racist or sexist behavior, make it clear every time that this is unacceptable. Don't keep quiet for fear of being thought a troublemaker. Make notes on each incident and report it to your manager. If they don't take it seriously, go to the senior staff or your union.

5 Bullying

Bullying can truly make your work life a misery. If you are bullied or observe it happening to someone else, act immediately. As with sexism or racism, make detailed notes and report the behavior. At worst, you may have to consider another job if it's senior staff doing the bullying.

6 Lazy Co-worker

Many of us have had to put up with a co-worker who doesn't pull their weight. They expect everyone else to cover for their laziness. Don't do that; make it clear to senior staff that this person is not doing their job. They won't like it, but you're not there to do their work as well as your own.

7 Collections

This is somewhat less serious than other office problems, but can still be quite irritating. If there is a collection held every time someone has a birthday, gets married, has a baby or leaves, it adds up to a lot of money. If you don't want to contribute, make it clear you can't afford it or don't want to, or suggest putting an end to collections. Everyone else may be relieved.

8 Harassment

Sexual harassment can take many forms, from being threatened with losing your job if you report harassment to a co-worker continually asking you for a date. This absolutely must be reported to senior management. It's totally unacceptable, but sadly not unknown even now. Avoid being alone with someone who makes you uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, few offices are free of any problems, and at some point you're likely to find yourself facing one of the issues mentioned above. It's important to tackle them as early as possible, so that they don't get even worse. What kinds of problems have you experienced in the office that drive you mad?

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