How to Rock 🤘🏼 the Hygge Lifestyle ✌🏼 to Be Happier 😁 ...

The word HYGGE -- pronounced HOO-GA -- might look and sound like a stylish, comfy new chair at IKEA, but it's actually something even better. It's the Scandinavian lifestyle trend that explains why Nordic nations always top the "happiest places to live" charts each year. What is hygge, and how can you add a little to your life? Here are a few ideas.

1. Skip the Gym

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You'll see loads of saunas in Scandinavia, but very few gyms like we have here. That's because exercise is better when you do it outdoors! There's the fresh air, the scenery, both of which move your focus a little more from the stats of your workout to actually enjoying it. So lace up your trainers, skip the treadmill, and run outside!

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