10 Ways to Become Happier ...

Everyone wants to become happier, but is that realistic? Well, it depends on what makes you happy, and how easy that is to achieve. You only have to look at the stories of people who win the lottery to understand that the common ambition of being richer doesnΒ΄t usually make anyone feel happier. Here are some more achievable ways to be happier.

1. Be Realistic

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Many people dream of their life being changed by a lottery win. The fact is that a win is NOT going to happen. Better by far to be realistic, and if you want to improve your life do so by hard work and smart decisions.

2. Acceptance

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One way to feel happier is to accept what you cannot change. We can only control ourselves, not other people, and some situations are beyond our ability to change them. Wishing that things were different only makes you feel miserable and think Β΄if only …´.

3. Think Yourself Happy

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If you want to become happier, then try putting yourself in a positive frame of mind. Smiling really does make you feel better, so think yourself happy and youΒ΄ll reinforce that positive feeling, thus boosting your mood.

4. Less Materialistic

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ItΒ΄s widely considered that in modern life, people believe that acquiring things makes them happy. However, itΒ΄s pretty obvious that this has nothing to do with genuine happiness. Try placing less importance on possessions and looking for more meaningful ways of feeling fulfilled.

5. Find Your Passion

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One way to be happier is to find what your passion is in life. What really moves you? What is the one thing that you love doing above all else? Find out what that is, and make it as central to your life as you can.

6. People Who Matter

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As is said, no man is an island, and no woman is either. We are often paradoxically surrounded by numerous Β΄friendsΒ΄, and yet few of them would really be there for us in a crisis. Concentrate on the people who really matter, and donΒ΄t dedicate your time to people who donΒ΄t make you happy.

7. Set Goals

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Unless youΒ΄re a very laid-back person, youΒ΄ll probably need to feel that you have some aims in life. Drifting along can be very frustrating. Set yourself goals, whether small or major ones – you donΒ΄t have to be working on something all the time, but itΒ΄s good to have some sense of purpose.

8. Live in the Present

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If you want to be happier, live in the present. ItΒ΄s good to plan, but worrying about the future means that you miss out on enjoying today. And definitely do not dwell on the past – that will make you very miserable.

9. The Little Things

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Happiness is often to be found in the little things, such as a hug from your child. We tend to focus only on major events, like vacations, when it comes to finding enjoyment in life. These donΒ΄t happen too often though, so look around you – it doesnΒ΄t always take much to make you feel happy.

10. Like Yourself

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Finally, if you want to feel happier, itΒ΄s essential to have good self-esteem, and that comes from truly liking yourself. So be kind to yourself (we can often be our own worst critic), and you will feel happier and more content.

It can take some effort to become happier – this is something that doesnΒ΄t just fall into our laps. If you want to feel happier, you have to work on achieving it, and look for it in the right places. What makes you feel happier – have you found that itΒ΄s the little things that count?

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