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8 Masterly Methods to Get What You Want ...

By Alison

Knowing how to get what you want can be difficult. We all have plans and ambitions, but putting them into practise can be the complicated part. So I´m going to give you some tips on getting what you want. Depending on what you want to achieve, it might be simple, or involve a lot of work, but here´s how to get what you want …

1 Know What You Want

The first step to getting what you want is to know what it is that you want. This might sound like it´s stating the obvious, but people are often too vague. If you´re complaining to a firm, you should be clear what outcome you are looking for. When it comes to ambitions, work out what you want to aim at and then you can start the process of getting there.

2 Be Firm

Being vague and giving in will get you nowhere. Getting what you want requires determination and the ability to maintain your position. Keeping a firm attitude shows that you are taking the issue seriously, and that you will not give up easily.


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3 Be Polite

When dealing with another person, and seeking a particular outcome, it is important that you remain polite. Aggressiveness or rudeness will simply make the other person disinclined to cooperate with you. Politeness will get you much further.

4 Persist

Getting what you want often requires a great deal of persistance. Anything that is worthwhile is not achieved without effort, even though it may seem that some people have everything fall into their lap. Always keep trying until you get what you are looking for.

5 Work Hard

Working hard is an essential factor in knowing how to get what you want. It may seem easy for the offspring of famous people to have careers and opportunities, but most of us have to put in the effort to be successful. Be prepared to work very hard if you have ambitions.

6 Commitment

If you truly want something, then you need to be committed to achieving it. Let´s say you want to be a doctor. If you don´t want the long hours, massive student loans and years of study, you need to change your plans. But if you definitely want a medical career, then total commitment is needed.

7 Connections

Connections can be very useful, and there are many circumstances where knowing the right people opens doors or helps you access something you need. It won´t preclude hard work when it comes to careers, but don´t be afraid to ask people you know if they can help or advise.

8 Investment

Whether it concerns buying a large house, starting a business or career goals, getting what you want often needs a lot of investment. This means time, effort and money. If the aim is smart and achievable, then the investment is worthwhile.

Are you wondering how to get what you want? Apply these tips to your situation and see how they can help you get where you want to be. Talk to supportive people, as an outside perspective can be invaluable. Are you good at getting what you want, and can you offer any additional tips?

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