20 Winning Ways to Avoid Procrastination Part II ...


20 Winning Ways to Avoid Procrastination Part II ...
20 Winning Ways to Avoid Procrastination Part II ...

Are you still putting things off? Then here is part II of my list of ways to avoid procrastination! Read carefully, absorb the different tips, and start applying them. And stop putting things off!

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Today, Not Tomorrow!

This is one of my personal overused excuses for putting things off. I´ll do it tomorrow because it´s too hot today, the office is closing soon and it´s better to go early, I don´t feel like doing it today … the excuses are endless! Don´t put things off until tomorrow, get them done today – leave it until tomorrow and you´ll just find more excuses!


Avoid Distraction

This is particularly common if you´re at home, or in an office with internet access (or your smartphone). It´s very easy to be distracted by checking your emails (which probably aren´t that important), taking non-work-related phone calls, or by doing things around the house. Don´t let yourself be distracted.


Start Small

Are you putting off getting started because you feel daunted by the size of the task ahead? Then deal with it by starting with a small aspect of the task. Once you have completed that small section, you can proceed with another – and before you know it, you´ll have finished.


Do Something!

One of the most effective ways to avoid procrastination is to do something – it doesn´t matter what. This avoids becoming so overwhelmed that you simply can´t do anything at all. Trying action instead allows you to break the cycle of inactivity and get moving.


Ask Yourself Why

If you´re prone to putting things off, then as yourself why you have this habit. Is it lack of confidence, laziness, finding the job tedious? Identifying the reason behind your tendency to inaction gives you the chance to deal with it and counteract your procrastination.


Divide It up

If you´re presented with a task that is so large that you don´t know where to begin, then reduce it down. Divide it up into smaller sections, and deal with each section one at a time. Now your massive task doesn´t seem so big, and you can work your way through it methodically.


Not so Daunting

Perhaps you´re unable to get started because you find the work ahead too daunting. Look at it again – is it really as difficult as you think? Or are you just having a crisis of confidence? Have some faith in your ability to do the job, and look for ways of making it easier if you really need help.


Positive People

It´s really helpful to have positive people around you if you tend to put things off. Positive people can encourage you to get on with your work and to believe in yourself. They´ll also give you praise for your achievements, which will encourage you to do more.


Share Your Timetable

Another of the best ways to avoid procrastination is to set a timetable and share it with others. If other people are aware that you need to get something done by a certain time or date, they are likely to ask you if you have finished or how your work is going. That will push you into working to finish your goal on time.


Ask for Help

If you´re putting off getting started because you´re not sure how to go about a piece of work, then don´t be afraid to ask for help. It isn´t weak to admit that you´re not sure. Ask if someone can show you how, or give you any assistance in carrying out the task.

I´ve now given you so many ways to avoid procrastination that you´ve no excuse for putting things off! What is required is discipline, and not allowing yourself to get distracted. What do you find is the most common reason why you put things off – is it checking your email or your friends´ facebook pages - or is that the symptom rather than the cause?

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