8 Great Ways to Grow Your Twitter following ...

By Diana

8 Great Ways to Grow Your Twitter following ...

As someone who earns a living by managing social media profiles, I’ve learned a few quick and easy ways to grow your Twitter following. You don’t need big bucks and a team behind you to make the most of your Twitter experience. With these 8 tips, you’ll score some fun and friendly new followers.
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Table of contents:

  1. create a compelling profile
  2. content is key
  3. tweet at peak times
  4. don’t bombard your followers
  5. tweet back
  6. follow first
  7. link up
  8. participate in follow fridays

1 Create a Compelling Profile

Would you follow someone who still uses the default egg icon and has no info listed on her profile? Didn’t think so! Looking like a newbie won’t earn you any points, so if you’re serious about becoming a part of the Twitterverse, take some time to upload a headshot and background image. Then, craft a witty bio, list any websites you own, and insert a location. This will help other users to know if they’d want to follow you or not. I always tag the companies I blog for in the bio section so readers can find my profile. Believe it or not, it works!

2 Content is Key

One vital way to grow your Twitter following is to create content that entices and entertains. Jokes, celeb sightings, hot parties –anything interesting you can think of. Just remember: if your profile is public, assume your boss is Twitter stalking you regularly, so keep it clean! And use hashtags when appropriate so users can search for and retweet your content.

3 Tweet at Peak Times

If the vast majority of your followers live in the United States, tweeting at 3 a.m. on a Monday morning probably won’t result in many replies. Before you send your stuff out into the Twitterverse, be sure it’s at a time when you know at least a handful of your followers are active. Unsure of when that time is? Monitor your feed for updates from your Tweeps!

4 Don’t Bombard Your Followers

Tell your Twitter posse about a slick new café opening on your block and they’d probably be excited for you. But tweeting about every coffee run is the fastest way to lose followers. So don’t be that girl (please?).

5 Tweet Back

A surefire way to grow your Twitter following is to reply to those who mention you or send you direct messages. By doing so, you’ll really engage with your followers (and look like a good person). On occasion, look for brands that retweet positive tweets from their followers. For example, if you’re a huge Sephora fan, respond to one of their tweets or ask them a question --they might just respond! And your Twitter handle will appear on their profile, which happens to be teeming with followers. It’s a great way to get noticed.

6 Follow First

No one but A-list celebs and brands with bottomless pockets can have zillions of followers while following only a handful of people. With that said, don’t be afraid to follow your acquaintances and those "Hunger Games" stars. Some will follow you back, others won’t. But at least you’ll have some buds to start off with –and you can unfollow those who don’t reciprocate at any time.

7 Link up

Another great way to grow your Twitter following is to link your profile to your Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, blog, and any other online account you might have. This way, when someone “friends” you on Facebook or follows your Pinterest boards, they can click on the link to your Twitter and check out your words of wisdom!

8 Participate in Follow Fridays

One last way to grow your Twitter following is to hop on the #followfriday bandwagon. To get you started, here’s a handy guide at mashable.com. All set? It’s time to get your Twitter party started!

Now that you know a few top ways to grow your Twitter following, which tips will you try out? Do you social media savvy gals have any of your own to add?

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