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8 Methods to Build Your Confidence ...

By Alison

Do you need to build your confidence? Many of us – in fact, probably most of us – are quite lacking in self-assurance. It might surprise you, but even people who appear super-confident have their moments of self-doubt! There are many reasons why you might not have too much belief in yourself. Whatever they are, they can be overcome. So here are some super ways to build your confidence …

1 Identify Your Successes

One of the most excellent ways to build your confidence is to make a list of what you have achieved. We are often taught to be modest about our achievements, and as a result don’t even realise just how much we have accomplished. Try writing your own “mini-biography,” and include everything you’ve done – you’ll be surprised just how much there will be on your list.

2 What Are Your Good Points?

We all have good points, so just as in the previous suggestion, put modesty aside and make a list of what you like about yourself. Find at least ten good things to say. Look at this list, and really absorb it – you will soon start to realise what a great person you are!

3 Ask Others

It’s good for you to work out the good things about yourself, but you can also ask other people what they like or admire about you. You might be surprised how they see you! In fact, it could be a real eye-opener to find out what they see as your good points – it may be things that you have never even considered!

4 Keep Trying

It’s easy to get disheartened when you don’t succeed at something the first time round. But as they say, nothing worthwhile was ever easy. I failed my driving test three times, but told myself that if I made that fourth attempt, I might just pass. If I didn't take it, I definitely wouldn't pass. Guess what – I passed!

5 Believe You’re Worthwhile

Most of us don’t actually have a very high opinion of ourselves. Well, it’s not actually egotistical to have a sense of self-worth, it’s psychologically healthy. So start to see yourself as a worthwhile person, who deserves good things to happen to them, and your confidence will increase.

6 Relax

Do you have an important event coming up, and you’re not feeling very confident about it? When you get nervous, you tense up. So then you talk yourself out of doing whatever is making you nervous. To boost your confidence, tell yourself not to worry so much about these upcoming events – try to relax about it, and it won’t intimidate you so much.

7 Prepare Yourself

Preparing for something that scares you is a great way of increasing your confidence. The more prepared you are, the less worried you will be that something may go wrong, and the easier it will be to deal with whatever happens. So practise, run through events mentally, and prepare yourself as much as possible.

8 Don’t Worry about Making Mistakes

Believe me, I have made so many mistakes I couldn’t count them! But I also see those mistakes as a great way of learning. Getting it wrong teaches you how to get it right next time. So don’t fret about messing things up, or making a fool of yourself – your worst fears probably won’t come true, and just think how good you’ll feel when you do better than you might have expected!

Confidence is generally something that is learned, rather than an attribute that we are born with. So have faith in yourself, and believe that you can acquire it too! As the President says, “Yes we can!” Keep practising, learn to be proud of yourself, and your confidence will grow. Don’t let anyone destroy it! How have you overcome low self-confidence?

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